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What are the benefits of education?

I have been selected to represent my school in debating and public speaking competition. The main theme during the competition will be an education in the 21st century. Therefore, I’m kindly seeking for help with the topic: benefits of education. In addition, I am preparing to talk about the role of education and I will appreciate a lot if someone can help me understand how to prepare points on this subject. Finally, I wish to understand the difference between the benefits and advantages of education so that I can avoid any confusion that may arise from the wrong usage of these words in a sentence.

Ashley Howard

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1 answer

Justin Parker on July 18, 2018

Education has been for many years the greatest pillar of development in our society. In fact, it is the most powerful weapon I have ever known. A pen and paper combined are far much stronger and mightier compared to dictators and their big guns. Learning comes in different ways which include going through the formal education system and acquiring knowledge from day-to-day experiences. In this century, children are truly excited about attending school and there are very few discipline related issues because almost all of them are happy and eager to learn. Before, I proceed, note that an advantage of education is no different from its benefit and as a result, you can use them interchangeably.

It is obvious that we all want to learn. Basically, this is due to the many educational benefits that learning brings about as I have outlined in the sections that follow.

In the classroom environment, students are thought activities and lessons which directly relate to the community; both local and global. They collaborate with individuals from different backgrounds and schools to learn about things that affect humanity as a whole. In addition, they learn how to solve the challenges the world faces at the present moment and in the future. The education curriculum is meant to incorporate different intelligence levels and skills. Lessons are based on both textbook knowledge and real-life experiences. Content and skills are learned through exploration, inspiration, research, and rigorous studies and assessments. At the end of it all, children emerge as well-groomed adults who can take care of themselves, other people and the environment.

We all treasure respect in our lives and education is one of the best avenues to earn all the respect we need. Chances are over 80% that if you’re an educated person, you will be respected by almost everyone around you. Of course, some people may say that the likes of Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg and Steve Jobs are highly respected yet they never got any degree from their colleges. Well, people will hold you in high regard because of your money but at the same time, they will respect you more if you’re well educated. Also, do not forget that people like Gates and his fellow billionaires came to be who they are today because they have finished school. This is why they came to be the greatest managers of our time.

Education changes learners’ habits and there’s no better place to learn the basic habits of life other than school. As a child, you will learn a lot from your parents including behavior and routines. However, by going to school you’ll be surrounded by different people from different backgrounds. Your interactions with them will change your perspectives and way of doing things. Everything that you learn at school impacts your future life in so many ways. Remember, education sharpens the human mind while at the same time sharpening your discipline.

Finally, the points on the roles of education should be short sentences of about ten to twenty words. They should also be limited to less than ten in your entire script.

Wilson Hansena year ago

I entirely agree with the above text concerning the roles and benefits of education. The explanation is rich with true-to-life facts that I happily recommend to all students and parents to follow them. Indeed, education has so many benefits that it will require almost a 500-page paper to document all of them.

I will also add a few advantages that learning brings.

Through education, you will get employment. The one true guarantee that we can get hired in future is when we have academic qualifications. Even Gates and Zuckerberg will only hire you if you can show them your certificates. In fact, in Asian countries, you can’t even get the oddest job without proof that you went through school. Actually, you need education in order to make your next important step. If you have your diploma or degree you will eventually get employment. It may not be today but is definite that someone will hire you in the near future.

Most importantly, education will help you make friends that count. When I look back, I do not have any friend that I made outside the academic circle. Personally, I met wife through education.


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