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What are the benefits of an online teaching degree?

I have noticed that many people, especially professionals, love online education. Even I have a close friend who is pursuing online English degree. However, I am not sure about the acceptability of an online degree. Is it as valuable as a regular on-campus degree? My plan is to pursue an online teaching degree from a good institution. Are there any accredited online education degree courses? If yes, can you help me find some accredited places offering an online degree in education? Do you really think online degrees have many more advantages as compared to the traditional on-campus degrees?  I appreciate your help.

Megan Page

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2 answers

2 answers

Donald Ward on March 12, 2018

Well, let’s start by removing your fears and uncertainties regarding online degrees. In case of online degree in teaching, I can tell you for sure that an online degree will not hinder your progress. Not sure about regional accreditation? Well, let me clarify that first. In the U.S, you can find both national and regional accrediting agencies. It is generally seen that regional accreditation is more widely accepted and hassle-free as compared to national accreditation. There are many regional accrediting organizations in the U.S under the Council for Higher Education Accreditation (CHEA), like ACCJC, HLC, MSCHE, NEASC-CIHE, SACSCOC, and WSCUC. All these regional accrediting bodies are equal and you will not find the problem using the degrees they accredited.

Yes, you can join an accredited online degree in education without fear. Here is the list of a few accredited courses:

North Carolina State University is one of the best places where you can find quality online degree programs in education. From my search on their website, I found that there are six master’s programs in education and two Master of Science programs in education. This university is one of the most affordable educational institutions in the US and it is often reviewed as one of the best in quality of education as well. Use the link for more information.

Are you willing to shell out some money? Then the University of Southern California is worth trying. Here you can find three masters of education programs along with two masters of arts programs in education. The Master of Arts in Teaching program offers many concentrations, ranging from elementary education, secondary English, secondary mathematics, secondary science, and secondary social science. The course is comparatively more expensive but it is worth trying because it is often ranked one among the best education provider in the U.S. Visit the website for more information.

The next possibility is the University of Florida. They have a number of fully-online master’s programs in education. They are educational leadership, special education, educational technology, student personnel in higher education, higher education administration, teacher leadership, and reading education. You can collect more information about the courses through the link

And don’t forget to visit the website of Michigan State University as well because they have a wide variety of masters programs in education to offer. For example, these are masters in higher, adult and lifelong education, and k-12 educational administration. In addition, there are Master of Arts programs in educational technology, teaching and curriculum, student affairs administration, special education, and so on.  The complete list and details are available at Follow the footsteps of your friend who is doing English degree online bravely. Carefully selected online courses will only offer advantages.

Alex on March 8, 2018


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