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What are the benefits of ACS student loans?

I’m in my first year of college and I have been paying for my own tuition fee and living costs since I’ve enrolled. However, I cannot afford to continue doing so and I’m now considering both federal and the best private student loans options to assist me starting next year.

The specific aspects I’m looking for in the loan I choose is a good student loan repayment program and possible consideration for student loan debt relief in the future.

Does ACS student loans have these provisions? What are some of their benefits?

Frank Nichols

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1 answer

Donald Ward on March 23, 2018

ACS students’ loans are that are serviced by the Affiliated Computer Services Company. It is an intermediary body that links borrowers (that is you as the student) and the lender (federal or private loaners). Their main work is to:

  • Administer/distribute student loans on behalf of the lender: as mentioned above, they are intermediaries. They act on behalf on the lender by disbursing loans to approved students. However, the actual loan approval is done by the lender (government or private financial institution).
  • Manage student loans accounts: ACS gives students online accounts to follow up on their loan. Through the account, you are able to make loan repayments conveniently from your computer or mobile phone.
  • Receive loan repayments from the borrower for the lender: they act as the recipient for the lender in receiving loan repayments. You will not require interacting with the lender directly except in the application process. For example, in the federal aid you fill the FAFSA form and submit it to the Federal Student Aid.

The terms of their engagement with you as the student depends on the type of loan you are applying for. For example, if it is a federal loan you are interested in, you will need to meet all the requirements set out by the federal government on qualifying for federal aid.

Advantages of choosing ACS as your servicer:

  • They can help to link you to a lender that best suits your financial requirements: remember that different loans have different amount limits. Therefore, if you don’t want a federal loan or have one and you need a private loan to supplement, ACS can help you find the best private student loan.
  • Low-interest rates charged on loans: they arguably have the lowest interest rates on their loans. You can also enjoy loan benefits such as student loans debt relief.
  • Convenient loan management: ACS’s aim is to simplify loan procedures. Through their services, you can conveniently apply for your student loan, access and manage your account online. They also provide several payment methods so that you can conveniently make your loan repayments no matter where you are.
  • Great support staff: ACS have a good support system for their borrowers. You can seek assistance regarding your loan and get help. If you have problems servicing your loans, you can discuss with them on a student loan repaying program that would work well with you.

Caleb Jenkins2 years ago

In my experience with college loans, I would firmly say that the ACS student loan is your best bet. Under the federal family education loan program, ACS can you consolidate you federal loans so as to make only one payment monthly. They also offer other lucrative repayment plans for borrowers such as income-driven payment plans.

You will also enjoy all the benefits offered by federal lenders including discounts on early payments and lump sums, 6 months’ grace period before you start repayments and the federal government’s forgiveness programs.

ACS offers several options for federal loans. These include the following:

  1. Perkins Loan
  2. Nursing Students Loans (for nurses)
  3. Health Profession Students Loans
  4. Stafford Loan (for undergraduate and graduate loans)
  5. PLUS Loan (this is not for students but for parents who want financial assistance in paying their children’s college) and
  6. SLS loan (supplementary loan program)

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