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What are the benefits and disadvantages of online degree programs?

I would like to pursue a 1-year course at Philips online learning center. I have personal reasons for choosing an online degree as opposed to attending the actual classes at college. However, a negative review I’ve happened to come across online accidentally gave me doubts about my choice. I would like to get an honest and unbiased opinion on this matter before I can enroll in the online learning center. What are the advantages and disadvantages of online degree programs?

Frank Nichols

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1 answer

Jeremy Wood on July 17, 2018

As the Internet becomes more and more accessible throughout the world, online education has expanded too. Learning is a normal process in life and often time continuous/ lifelong. The internet provides a great chance for learning. However, whether online or traditional classroom learning, what matters is selecting the best method of communication of information. It should be one that suits your way of dissecting the information.

Advantages of online degree program:
• Online learning is an efficient way of acquiring knowledge: when you are studying online, you can maximize the information you study.
• You can study for free: yes, though not all courses are free, there are a number of those are free. Plus, most of them are offered by reputable online learning centers.
• You can study in many fields: you can take up multiple courses at a time.
• Boosts self-motivation: for students who face self-esteem challenges and don’t cope in a regular school can regain their motivation by getting a safe space to learn.
• You can choose your study time: most online education providers offer flexible courses to their online students. Therefore, you can easily plan out your day and decide what time is best to study depending on your schedule.
• You can attend your courses from anywhere: wherever you are, you can have your class. You can use your computer or just your phone to access your classes.

You sacrifice socializing for convenience: online learning does not allow for in-person interactions with other students. If you started online education at an early age, you might turn out to be anti-social.
Some feature of online learning cannot cope with a high number of students: for example, a live discussion may be chaotic when the number of students is enormous.
It can be challenging to teach practical disciplines online: for a practical subject, it may be difficult to effectively teach it online. Such a difficulty may lead to substandard education quality.
In some cases, an online degree may be rejected by a potential employer: for most students, this is the biggest fear concerning online courses. Though a considerable number of employers have embraced changes from technological advancements, there are still those who are skeptical about hiring a person with an online degree.
Philips learning center online is a specialized website for medical professionals’ continuing education. It does not offer the kind help you are looking for. However, you can try Penn Foster.  

Jeffrey Rodriguez2 years ago

We cannot deny that the benefits of online degree programs outweigh the disadvantages. Therefore, I believe everyone should pursue some form of online learning for personal growth in their lifetime.

However, as of the moment, learning online can only be most effective when it is used as an extension of the traditional forms of learning. It is not yet sufficient enough to stand alone. Even if you decide to do the best course online, it cannot adequately replace the in-person contact between a student and teacher in the classroom.

If online education is used this way, you can eliminate more than half of the possible disadvantages. I usually advise students who wish to venture into online learning to not take more than three credit units online. Take all your other lessons at your college. Employers need more than just brains. You need to learn how to interact with people too.

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