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What are the aspects of computer literacy?

Heather Maxwell

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1 answer

Heather Maxwell on May 5, 2019

Aspects of computer literacy include: what is a computer and what are its limitations what is a program (not necessarily how to program) what is an algorithm what is computable whon a computer cannot do why computers cannot produce random numbers some seemingly simple problems are not concurrency and issues with shared data all computers have the same computing ability with differences in memory capacity and speed performance depends on more than CPU clock speed understanding the concept of stored data what are the real causes of "computer errors" the implications of incorrect (buggy) programs the implications of using a program incorrectly (garbage in, garbage out) issues rising from distributed computing computer security trojan horse (computing), computer virus, email spoofing, URL spoofing, phishing, etc ... what do you do when a security certificate is questioned password creation (how to avoid bad ones) social implications/aspects of computing Netiquette (or at least e-mail Etiquette) the identification of the urban legends (and not forwarding them) critical assessment of internet sources criminal access to financial databases, keyboard, and mouse (using input devices) plugging in and turning on the computer on using/understanding user-interface elements (for example, windows, menus, icons, buttons, etc) The composition, editing and printing of documents, the ability to communicate with others using computers through electronic mail (email) or instant messaging services managing and editing pictures (from cell phones, digital cameras or even scans) Opening files and recognizing different file types Multimedia literacy, including, but not limited to: making movies making sound files, interactivity creating web pages A higher order of computer literacy involves a user being able to adapt and learn new procedures through various means while using a computer.

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