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What are the areas evaluated in an occupation test?

I’m in search of a career aptitude test for high school students. My sister is heading to her final year in high school, but she is yet to set her mind on a future career. I’m worried about her, so I placed it upon myself to find the best career aptitude test for her. I’ve attempted a free career test for adults to see if they work. I think they’re quite reliable, though not very specific. What criteria does an occupation test evaluate? Is there a good test suggestion for my sister?

Timothy Norman

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1 answer

Zach Chandler on August 14, 2018

There is no definite line between career aptitude tests for high school students and for adults. Most of them evaluate pretty much the same aspects. Research shows that specific characteristics significantly determine a person’s success and satisfaction in a job. These include some of the following factors:

  •  Skills and competency: these are the expertise you possess in the performance of particular tasks. This prowess is something you attain over time and exposure to certain situations and environments.
  •  Interests and inclinations: these refer to the activities and areas that draw you. For example, if you like to care for people, you might fit in a nursing profession.
  •  Unique talents/aptitudes: talents are outstanding abilities you possess naturally. Most occupation tests try to establish these aptitudes.
  •  Work attitudes: some tests not only test your interest areas but also how you view performing specific tasks. O*Net’s MyNextMove is an excellent example of such test.
  •  Experience: career test are not only for those fresh from high school. Some people enroll in college late in life for one reason or the other.

The following are some of the best career aptitude tests’ providers: is a free platform that offers career quizzes based on personality testing. You can also explore lists of the most popular careers, the fastest growing jobs, and the best paying professions. Additionally, the site offers guidance on career selection. is another excellent site for free career tests. They are simple and fast to complete. You take about 5 minutes to finish and access results with no prior registration required. The questions are multiple choice and responses asking how strongly you feel about a particular type of work. The range of response is from very interested to not interested. offers a reliable career test for an adult or high school student. Parents can also find useful career information for their children on this platform. The test’s format is straightforward. There is a list of various activities and you only like those you like doing. Once you are done, you can click on the button below the questions to get the test results instantly. is my final suggestion. This site has a variety of information for anyone searching for a career path. Categories include career evaluation and counseling, personality testing, how to create catchy resumes and help in job finding.

I hope this information helps your sister make the right career choice.

Craig Stewarta year ago

Not many students can make career decisions by themselves. In addition to finding the best career aptitude test for her, get her to see a career counselor. They may offer much more specialized help. Most public schools have a career guidance office which is open to all students. You can consult with her teacher if she finds it difficult to seek help on her own.

You can also find a private career counselor and attend the session with her. Note that some may be expensive. There is a lot a lot of career guidance and help online. Most reputable colleges offer career help on their websites.

What is most important, however, is to provide her with all the support she may need. Many people make the mistake of pushing their ideas of career options down their children’s throat. Let her know that whatever she decides, you are there to support her. 

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