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What are the advantages of UT study abroad programs?

I know that UT study abroad offers are diverse. They seem to have really good conditions and terms. Unfortunately, I have no friends who can share their impressions with me. So, I’m hoping for your advice and feedback. Learning abroad is a huge step for me that will show me a completely different world. I don’t want to miss this opportunity but want to be sure in what I’m doing as well. I’m looking for somebody to help me to make a choice.

Also, what study abroad grants do you know? Should I ask UT for them or search elsewhere?

Theresa Perry

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1 answer

Tara Andrews on May 3, 2018

The University of Texas in a good place to cooperate with when you decide to study abroad. Though the professors here are good, I believe you cannot miss an opportunity to visit other countries. There is an exchange program that you can take part in. In some case, an exchange is preferable to simply going abroad. Rest assured that the University of Dallas works with only the best establishments in the world. Any student would be lucky to attend one of them at least for some time. There certain deadlines and requirements you have to meet to be a part of the program. In addition, the competition may be rather tough. However, the situation changes from year to year.

So, if you really decide to choose one of UT abroad studies, you better visit its International Office. Its goal is to create global connections, expand student’s views, and push them towards international cooperation. It is strongly oriented towards promoting English as a second language and help students develop their skills in other languages as well. It creates a global community that helps people all over the world.

UT abroad programs include about 50 countries and 400 variants of studies. Here is an official webpage that will tell you everything you need to know: I can only add that it is not only an educational opportunity but also a way to impact the world. We share knowledge, experience, contribute to a peaceful and prosperous world. Yes, these programs create nurture international leaders. But also, they create enthusiasts who are passionate about the whole world and want to help those in need. I think that abroad learning is something more than simply visiting another country for a short period of time.

Besides, upon returning home, you can a deeper understanding of your educational goals.

As far as I know, among the most popular programs that student choose is a journey to Guatemala. I completely understand why people this destination: warm climate, Maya history, unique colonial architecture.

Another popular destination is Oxford. The famed British education allures many students. Besides, there is hardly any language barrier, so people feel more comfortable. If you do not know any second language, this is a great option for you.

University of Texas abroad programs are very flexible in terms of financing. You can either apply for its help or choose an outside study abroad grant. You just have to talk to the administration.

Jeffrey Rodriguez2 years ago

I’d like to add some information concerning International Relations & Global Studies students. I think that these students are the most interested in this opportunity. Theory is always good but practice is better. Going to another country is a good chance to see to see how other governments work, how other nations operate, and whether people differ.

Learning abroad for IRG major is specifically important. It is advised to apply for a program as soon as you can. Summer is the best for going abroad for the first time. This way, you can start small and move towards bigger goals. Summers also provide the best climate conditions. However, if you like cold weather and want to enjoy the snow, opt for another time.

I wouldn’t say that there are specific IRG programs, but your advisors can help you with the choice and suggest those options that are better for you.

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