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What are the advantages of studying in Universities in Australia?

I completed my undergraduate studies in 2017. I intend to start my graduate studies at a foreign university next year. I am thinking of applying to universities in Australia and I will appreciate a lot if someone can help me understand the advantages of studying in Australia. In addition, I will be glad if anyone can provide me with the latest information regarding Australian university rankings which can assist me in selecting the most appropriate college for my studies. Lastly, I will be so grateful if anyone can help me understand the average cost of studying MBA in Australia.

Frank Nichols

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1 answer

Ralph Lopez on July 31, 2018

The job market has become highly competitive. Today employers are looking for highly trained and experienced professionals who can deliver quality results within very short timeframes and under the least supervision. Such exceptional skills can only be attained when learners attend reputable colleges which can equip them with the most advanced knowledge on how to address the current job industry challenges. Personally, I come from a country where 20 out 21 cabinet secretaries pursued their studies from international universities. Getting schooled from a renowned college abroad is an automatic guarantee that one day you will be the boss at a government corporation. Actually, this is not to say that local universities offer sub-par education but it implies that studying abroad puts you a step ahead of what your fellow student is learning at your home college.

Australian universities are among the most desired learning destinations by over 50% of students globally. The country is peaceful and its political stability offers a serene learning environment for all students. The education system prepares the student to embrace religious, cultural and racial diversity and as such cases, whereby learners (foreign or native) are discriminated are rarely seen. The education system beginning from elementary level to secondary schools and colleges mainly focus on student centricity whereby learners are considered as the most important part of the educational process. Teachers understand how to balance between class learning and outdoor activities. In addition, Australia is endowed with beautiful sceneries, extensive coastlines, warm climate, mineral resources and well-developed infrastructures which make it easy for students to carry out researches, industrial attachments, sporting activities and even work.

Information regarding Australian university ranking can be found at different education websites that include the Australian department of education website, THE Rankings, QS Australian Ranking and the Good Universities Guide. Other sites include the Daily Telegraph, Webometrics, and Shanghai Rankings. These sites mainly grade universities basing on the quality of research facilities and assessments, students approvals, admission and graduation rates, subjects strengths as well as the student population. A good number of Australian-based colleges such as Melbourne University and Australian National University make it to the 100 universities across the globe. Combining several reviews will always give more accurate results and as such, you will be able to make proper choices regarding the best colleges in Australia.

Finally, the average cost of pursuing an Australian MBA is about $16,000 per financial year for international students and about $ 6,000 for Australian citizens.


Nicholas Rivera2 years ago

The above response provides a clear overview of higher learning in Australia. I entirely agree with the explanation regarding benefits of pursuing your studies in Australian Universities. Indeed, it is a country with so many academic and employment opportunities. Its education is defined by sound and open cultural and teaching norms. Teachers are trained to transform students into responsible adults who can think, work and relate responsibly. The Australian government fully understands the essence of providing quality and affordable education to all students. It further believes in the value of having healthy international relationships with other countries and that is why it offers numerous scholarships opportunities to needy and bright students from other countries.

Every university in Australia is thoroughly vetted to ensure that it attains the required standards. Most importantly, research programs are heavily funded by the government whereas students have access to improved learning facilities which helps them prepare adequately for their professional practice. 

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