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What are the advantages of attending adult education classes?

I want to know whether it is true the learning provided by the adult education classes has become integral for lifelong learning and for providing adults in the western societies with the opportunity for continuing studies? I am further interested to know that how adult education and
continuity learning can add to social and personal enrichment. Does an adult education certificate received on the completion of an adult education degree program hold value in the corporate world or are these certificates similar to the vocational certificates gained by students with low relevance in academic and career growth of an individual?

Ashley Howard

in Higher Education

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1 answer

Chelsea Hayes on February 9, 2018

The best way to gain an insight into the benefits of attending adult education programs is to identify the reasons why people are suddenly flocking to adult education centers and adult community learning centers. This is because the advantages of attending adult education classes can be rooted in the primary reasons which drive people to join adult education programs. Personal development is one of the most common goals of people enrolling in adult education classes and courses. Apart from this, I believe, gaining a social circle, becoming independent and/or self-sufficient to meet the expenses required for a living are two other main reasons driving chunks of the adult population into attending adult continuity education classes.

One of the best features of the education classes and programs for adult learners is that they provide the adults of all ages with the opportunity to learn new things or continue their qualification in a less stringent environment as compared to the environment present in the normal high schools and universities. Not only do the learners get certificates for adult learning but also they can practically implement these learnings in different forays of life. The fact that there are often no expenses but the students can opt to go nationally and often globally recognized certification makes it a preferred mode of accessing academic and vocational learning for adults in the LIG and MIG sections of society. The model of learning is voluntary and participative with no pressure due to periodic exams or from the faculty members as expected under such informal kinds of learning impartment settings.  The completion of the education degree of the adult learning program can also fulfill the wish of adult learners to continue their studies without spending high amounts of money for fees. Many adult people in the society can catch up on things that they were unable to learn as a part of school curriculum because the setting in the centers for adult continuity learning is informal with high flexibility and understanding regarding the differences in the learning techniques of every individual. These schools provide customized learning modules, materials and systems by which it becomes easy to activate the full ability of a learner to assimilate the learnings imparted to him. The flexibility, cooperation, understanding and assistance embedded in the adult learning classroom settings help to provide ease of learning and also helps to improve the self-image and self-esteem of adult learners.

Emily Alexander2 years ago

Two things I would focus on apart from the general advantages of the adult education classes. One is that joining such classes provide a boost to the overall wellbeing of the adult learner because he/she learns in an interactive, less pressurizing and assistive learning environment. Another fact is that attending such classes being a type of group activity, they help the adult learners to develop a sense of social security and acceptance which positively affect their well-being. The second factor is that adult education classes are far cheaper than the regular schools or colleges (at least in my locality). This means that a lot of money can be saved in households in which young adults continue education from such centers. I won’t say that the adult learning centers are perfect replacements for the normal institutions, but they are definitely here to serve a wider purpose than only education imparting.

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