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What are the advantages of a distance education university over the normal universities?

I’m currently working as an editor in a busy printing company. Previously I have attained a diploma in journalism and mass communication. I now see the need for getting more training and increasing my level of education in order to match the competency of other employees in my firm. I have always thought about enrolling for long distance learning. The information I have on distance learning colleges is very limited and it can’t enable me to choose an appropriate institution for my education. I need information on distance learning programs as well some explanation on why distance education university programs can be a better choice for me.

Curtis Rhodes

in Higher Education

1 answer

1 answer

Ross Pratt on January 24, 2018

Here is all you need to know about distance education universities. Personally, I spent quite some time thinking about quitting my job and becoming a full time student. Well, this was obviously a bad decision, since the job I had was my main source of income and without it I could not be able to finance my studies. Therefore, I decided to research on my options, and as I write now, I’m glad to say that I did my masters and PhD Studies through learning from a long distance.

First of all, understand that you need your job to survive and finance your studies. So, you must keep it. Distance education is basically the education for students who cannot be practically present in a physical classroom. Your journalism and media courses will be conducted online. You’ll encounter exciting massive open online courses that offer open access through the internet and other academic network technologies. You will also access large-scale interactive participation that involves your instructors and other students pursuing programs such as yours.

Distance learning has expanded access to training and learning for both general populace and enterprises due to its flexible scheduling system which lessens the impacts of the many time-constraint programs imposed by personal commitments and responsibilities. By choosing a long distance program, you increase your potential to access more experts in media and communication and also to other students from different geographical, cultural, social, experiential and economic backgrounds.

Choosing a distance learning college also provides a broader mechanism of communicating within the realm of learning. With the many programs and tools that technological developments have to offer, there is an increase in communication through distance education between students and their professors, and amongst classmates. The long distance learning enables students to share information regarding opportunities from vast areas on the planet. As for your case, you can use this avenue to explore new avenues and possibly secure a better employment at end of your degree program.

Also, through the present-day online communication, you will be able to associate with accredited programs and schools across the globe. By having the chance to be engaged with global institutions through distance education, an expansive array of thoughts will be presented to you via communication with your fellow students. This is extremely beneficial since you’ll be able to integrate new opinions with your own, and eventually develop a strong foundation for your learning and career.

Tad Frazier2 years ago

I think of distance learning and I see a great opportunity for every other person outside there who has limited time to spare for the many demanding responsibilities he or she has. I fully agree with the answer provided above. You absolutely do not need to quit your job and enroll for full time journalism classes. There are plenty of colleges offering distance learning programs. In fact, just begin from the nearest college to you and simply compare tuition fees and flexibility of schedules. Most importantly, when you choose long distance learning, all your exams will administered at your office or home comfort. The certificates you get are genuine and are acceptable by all employers.

Remember, by choosing to learn away from college you give yourself the power to control your schedule, be with your family, save your money, getting promotion and be a great and responsible person in your society through your academic achievements.

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