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What are the academic standards recently adopted by the Indiana Department of Education?

I have held various academic positions in the education sector outside Indiana where I have just got transferred. In order to know more about the work of this higher education commission, I am looking for information concerning the recently adopted academic standards in Indiana. From working in the sector for two decades, I understand that this department oversees the primary and secondary education system in Indiana. However, I have no information on the academic standards.  Can anyone offer advice on the Indiana Department of Education standards?

Kristi Hammond

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1 answer

Zach Chandler on April 16, 2018

The Indiana Dep. Of Education (DOE) approved new academic standards after a consultative meeting with state education boards in 2014. The state accepted these rules. These standards aim to improve the system of education in the state. Students who master these sets of objectives will be ready to get into a post-secondary institution and also start working immediately after completing secondary school. This working is without a need for any further training.

Here are the most recent education standards that you ought to be familiar with regardless of your academic position:

Language Arts/ English

The DOE has approved new regulations in Language Arts/ English. A good mastery of language arts (writing, reading, speaking, viewing and listening) and English (speech, composition, and literature) provides crucial subject matter to allow for lifelong problem solving and learning in the modern world of technology.

This Commission for Higher Education recognizes the value that ELA (English/ Language Arts) plays in fostering the essential processes and thinking skills employed in all fields of life.


The DOE in collaboration with the Indiana Standards for Mathematics has come up with standards that indicate what students should know and be able to tackle concerning K-8 Mathematics; Geometry and Algebra I, II. Additionally, it stipulates what they should be ready to tackle by the time of completing Mathematics course at a higher-level of high school. Mathematics lessons provide essential content and skills for effective integration into the modern world. This move into the post-secondary world will not require them to train further on the subject.

Social Studies

Together with Social Studies groups and teachers, the DOE has come up with new academic guidelines regarding social studies content for grades 6 through to 12. These standards aim to inform teachers on the expectations of infusing writing and reading in the classroom.

Languages of the world

The new academic guides on world languages provide essential resources for teachers to help them deliver on this subject. To access these resources, go to the World Languages Community.

Here, teachers can get all the information about professional development programs, scholarships, and applicable ideas to help them improve the classroom experience for their students.

One of the resources for professional developments for teachers is:

  • Blendspaces:  This online program comes with links, program materials, documents, and videos aimed at providing information on specific world language topics.

Noel Byrd2 years ago

Another critical update to the academic standards in Indiana come with the adoption of the WIDA (World-Class Instructional Design and Assessment) by the Indiana Department of Education. WIDA provides necessary guidelines on the criteria of developing the English language, i.e.:

  • WIDA Screener

WIDA Screener is a new standard in education that helps identify the suitability of a student to join a school in Indiana for the first time as a learner of English. This assessment is administered to students within a month of enrolling. Affected students should be those in grades 1 to 12 or students from outside the state who have listed English as a home language on the survey.

  • W-APT/WIDA Screener

In cases when students join school later in the academic year, they are required to take the W-APT/WIDA screener within the first two weeks of entering the school. These are locally scored placement tests.

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