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What are student visas?

My neighbor told my mother that his son is taking a year off after finishing high school and that he’s gathering information on student visas now. My neighbor is happy because his son lives in the USA with his mother, but he wants to study in Canada. The boy is looking for a Canada student visa from USA. I want to know how much is a student visa just to have an idea and also by the way, what are the Canada student visa requirements?

Ashley Howard

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1 answer

Ross Pratt on September 4, 2018

Studying abroad is a very good experience because it allows you to enlarge your vision of the world as you learn or increase your knowledge about other cultures that in some cases can be very similar to ours, while in other cases they can be very different.

Most countries of the world ask that foreigners who will perform activities, such as working or studying, within their territory have a special permit during the time they perform those activities. If somebody wants to go to a country to study and get a degree, they will likely stay there for some months. Government authorities ask that person to apply for an authorization to perform that activity and it must cover the duration of the activity. That government permit is called a student visa.

If you want to study in Canada, you will need to go to a Canadian consulate in the USA to obtain a Canada student visa from the USA. Likewise, your neighbor’s son will need to get a USA student visa from an American consulate in Canada. Authorities from both countries will ask to submit a student visa application and attach to it a series of documents related to your personal identification (passport) and your studies (acceptance letter).

Regarding your question about how much student visas cost, we need to say that it varies from country to country and there may be slight changes every year. For instance, a Canadian citizen who wants to study in the USA will be asked to pay an application fee of US$160 (, while an American person who wants to study in Canada will be asked to pay $CAN150 (

We recommend you to visit the website of the Canadian government to get updated information and further details on how to get a student permit to study in Canada.

Besides paying the cost of the student visa, an important America and Canada student visa requirement is to have a passport. You will need to have one before submitting your application to get a visa. It is important since your student visa will be stamped on it. You can ask authorities in your country about the requirements to get a passport.

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