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What are some tips on how to study in college well?

I am clueless about the best study mode I could employ in my studies. I would also appreciate any additional tips on how to study in college. I would like to ask for any help from people with academic college experience and any methods they used that will assist me on how to study well in terms of organizing both my work and my study time. l would also highly appreciate any information on study helper sites that could help me have a smooth studying experience.

Samantha Stevenson

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1 answer

Aaron Lee on January 16, 2018

I understand the uncertainty fresh year students face before adapting to the college syllabus. Many students face challenges in managing their time and studies to come up with a good study plan. Since all this is new for the student there are some tips that you could use to help you come up with timetable that will help you on how you could study in college.

  • Create a study plan. The best way you could easily attain any goal is by making a plan. A plan will help you strategize your goals and come up with an easy way to attain them. Create a study plan while putting into consideration your personalized objectives and also aspects of your environment. This plan will be a guideline that will help you determine when and how you can study well and successfully.
  • Make highlights. Irrespective of the subject always ensure you highlight the main points as you read. This will help you identify the key points in the context. Highlighting key aspects will ease the process of revision since you could go through comprehensive texts by only going through the significant points. This will save you time while going through a lot of work
  • Take notes. Many students have found taking notes to be a very effective way to study. This will not only help them remember what they studied but it is also a simple way to note down what they read in their understanding. While doing personal reading or even attending lectures you could take short notes that will help you take point of the main points of your study which is good for your understanding and also future reference
  • Time management. Whatever your study plan is, it should ensure your time is managed well. Time is highly valuable in college; how you use your time will determine your success. Ensure you allocate your studies sufficient time and also from time to time take a break from your studies to reenergize. Relax your mind to avoid overworking.
  • Do your research. Doing extensive research on any topic will help you uncover a lot of in depth information concerning it. This is a very resourceful way for you to study in college; exploring the library is a good place to start. You could also use online resources that are a big help when studying.

Tad Frazier2 years ago

As a recent graduate I agree that the best way before beginning any mode of studying is setting a plan; this will act as a framework throughout your studying. A good way of managing your time you could make up a realistic timetable that will schedule your personal study timetable, you should also be disciplined and adhere to it accordingly. This will enable you to be well organized and always stay on track with your schedule and complete assignments and get ready for tests. Additionally, if your school has a study center I strongly advise you visit it if you have any problems in your studies. They could offer you tutoring in areas where you face academic hiccups. Make use of the internet to find resources that help students study. This is by providing learning materials and also study skills that will help you as a student develop study skills and learn how to study properly.

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