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What are some tips on how to study effectively?

I find myself facing several challenges while studying which eventually inhibits me from attaining most of my academic goals. I would like suggestions of good study tips I could learn from individuals who have used and have been productive in school. I could moreover appreciate any information that could equip me with strategies on how to study effectively. In relation to this, I would also like to ask for recommendations of effective study habits I could adapt to learn to study easily and eventually attain better grades.

Kristi Hammond

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1 answer

Aaron Lee on January 15, 2018

I agree before one learns the ropes of studying, it could be challenging to find what fits among the good studying techniques. Everyone has a different way how they study depending on their understanding however there are general habits you can adapt to ensure an effective way to study.

  • Gather necessary equipment

Assemble all the necessary materials you I need to study, by having everything at your disposal you will save time that you can spend to go back and forth to recover some things you might have forgotten. Try avoiding distractions that could interfere with your studying, to ensure this, avoid carrying devices like phones and other distracting devices.

  • Make short notes

Taking notes is a very effective way to study; by making short notes you are able to note down main points you ought to remember while studying. This makes it easy as you study in the future; using your own personalized thoughts and understanding you are able to write comprehensive context in just a small summary.

  • Create mind maps

Mind mapping is a way of connecting a network of ideas; finding how ideas relate to one another will improve your understanding of things and also save you a lot of study time. There are various sites you can find that assist individuals to create mind maps which are very convenient when it comes to reading for exams.

  • Take quick quizzes

After a significant amount of reading subject yourself to a quick test in relation to what you read. This helps you determine your strengths and weaknesses and go back to polish areas you are not confident about. Questions also create an overview of some questions that may be addressed in the exam and this will guide you and allow you to learn what to study.

  • Engage in study discussions

Conducting discussions with your peers is a good mode of studying, together you can share what each person understood a certain topic. Among your friends you can share good tips you use to study. Through group discussions you can get assistance from your peers and also adopt some of their input you find helpful.

  • Award yourself a treat

Once you have read and understood the content you allocated yourself take a break to reward yourself. A treat is a good way to motivate yourself and this will enable you to grasp what you have read.

Tad Fraziera year ago

I have also adopted most of the tips given above; I believe working together with your friends and other students will ease the workload of studying. Together you can brainstorm and capture relevant ideas; you can also practice using quizzes and past exam papers. Forming a small group of at least four people will facilitate a smooth discussion.
Another good study tip is to ensure you work in a conducive environment. Studying demands focus and concentration therefore ensure you are in a calm quiet environment. It is also important that you stay away from discussions that will come in between your studies. Creating flash cards will enhance your studying; this is because they sharpen your memory of context reading. Memory games are also a good way to study, using common words you can recall significant information you read. Using mnemonic devices you can create phrases that are easy to memorize and remember.

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