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What are some tips on how to promote self growth?

As a young individual in my early twenties, I need some help answering the questions of how I can attain self growth and get my life together. I would appreciate any input on how to grow as a person in order to achieve individual success. I recently considered getting self help books however I am uncertain in whether they will be helpful in any way, any feedback from people who have used them would be great. I also need additional information on how growth helps improve yourself and attain success in life.

Ashley Howard

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1 answer

1 answer

Jodi Brooks on January 18, 2018

Growing is challenging and also a significant transition. In order to grow you must initially develop as an individual. As a person who also went through the same process of self-managing myself I can ascertain that improving yourself is the beginning of success, for someone to attain success you should be well organised as a person both psychologically and physically. For any individual to grow they should be willing to embrace change and incorporate it in their day to day life. Change starts with you as an individual; you should be willing to change your  thoughts and habits to improve yourself for the better. Change is a gradual process, it does not happen overnight; with small continuous adjustments you make you will be able to achieve substantial inner growth in the long run. To grow you should have a goal set to act as a framework of who you want to become. You should also be willing to equip yourself with new skills that will aid you in your growth journey. There are several things you can do for your selfgrowth including:

  • Realization
    First you should be willing to accept that you need change in your life. The moment an individual realizes they need to rectify some aspects in their lives shows they know something is not going right and they will be open to suggestions that will help them improve themselves.
  • Knowledge
    For you to grow you should expose yourself to new knowledge and information. With broad knowledge you can lay foundation of your growth. Even as you make mistakes, you should focus on learning from them how to grow individually instead of viewing them as failures. These setbacks will help you determine what you should do and not adapt when laying the foundation of your life changing improvements.
  • Inner belief
    The most important aspect of life changes mainly depends on you as an individual; what you personally think and believe is what matters most. You should have a strong belief in yourself. Trust and stand by your capabilities and you will turn out successful.
  • Do better
    Always strive to better, since growth is gradually day by day ensure you are making progress to attaining your goal. You could visit self help websites where they can offer ideas on how you can live more positively and fundamentally in order to achieve ultimate self-improvement.

Kyle Mckinney2 years ago

Some years back I also faced a personal crisis and I needed to recollect myself and grow back into a better person. To improve on who you are I agree that you should have a positive mindset and also a personal objective you would like to meet. In my case I used self help books and I must agree that they were vital in my personal transition. Some of these books encouraged me to come up with solutions to my problems and goals. They also helped me learn to grow mentally and also ease your emotional burden. Aside from the above mentioned tips you should also focus on being not only comfortable but also have a tension free mood. You should also create a perception of yourself as who you are and also your capabilities. Also be able to fully tap into your capabilities to attain full potential into building the levels of your success.

Tad Fraziera year ago

Great response! I will share three steps of promoting self growth. To start with, understand that transparency is a necessity for growth. Practicing transparency means being honest especially with yourself. Secondly, to improve yourself create boundaries - state things that you will not allow in your life. Create a stance and establish non-negotiables. These things are behaviors, activities, or relationships that would stunt your self-development if you let them into your life. Lastly, build a container for the loneliness, thoughts, emotions, or adverse instances you are experiencing. Once you have this container, work on your spirituality, nutrition, fitness, and things that will make you increase your potential.

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