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What are some the benefits one gets from Udel study abroad program?

I am a new student at the University of Delaware. Despite my desire to visit other countries and still continue with my studies, it’s quite unfortunate that I don’t know so much about Udel study abroad program. I have never been overseas, but I now believe I have the opportunity to visit various countries while at the university. I would also like to know about places to study abroad under the program. Given that I love traveling so much and I don’t want to spend so much, which are some of the cheapest study abroad programs that one can enroll at the university? Kindly share your experience if you have ever studied abroad.

Naomi Doyle

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1 answer

Zach Chandler on March 14, 2018

The University of Delaware is an excellent place for students who like traveling while still pursuing their careers. Udel’s study abroad is broad in terms of programs and countries that one can choose to attend. One can enroll in various abroad programs such as a semester, standard programs, UD micrometers, and exchanges. These programs are different in terms of how long one can stay abroad. Some last between 1-3 weeks, others up to 5 weeks, while others go for one year. When I joined the university, I enrolled the UD World Scholars Program as a freshman. This allowed me to visit various countries in the four years I studied at the university. I would advise you to apply for the program once you have joined the college.

At the university, you also got a choice to choose the place to study abroad. You can select study in countries like Spain, Italy, and New Zealand among others. It is important to note that the university’s program fee does not include airfare. Although many students at the university choose to go to a foreign country at least once, most go for only four to five weeks. Students travel in groups, and they get a chance to know others in the same program before travel. Although learning a second language is not mandatory, the trip provides an opportunity to improve your other language by allowing you to visit a country that uses that language.

Studying abroad is very expensive. However, University of Delaware has put down various measures that have a great role in making it easy for students to study overseas. One can use financial aid while studying abroad. However, students are encouraged to seek clarification from the Finance Aid office in advance. Moreover, there are various scholarship programs where students wishing to travel abroad are encouraged to apply on time. These programs have made it possible for the university to have cheaper study abroad programs compared to other universities. Many students have now been able to go and study abroad without spending so much.

It is important to note that while studying abroad, things such as housing, medical insurance, and transportation are included in the fee structure. Sometimes, depending on the program, meals may be included in the fees. Due to the high importance of studying abroad, it is advisable to start planning to register in these programs in advance. Most of the courses offered in the study abroad program as the same as those at the University of Delaware. While studying abroad, you get same grades as you would have gotten at the university.

Emily Alexandera year ago

Although the knowledge of the second language is not mandatory, traveling to a country where you don’t know the language used by the locals can be very challenging. I can remember a friend of mine visited Spain and he didn’t have a background in Spanish. His life on the streets was very dull as he couldn’t interact with the locals properly. He had to enroll in a program to learn Spanish and enjoy his time there. Make sure you have basic knowledge about a local before visiting that country. Otherwise, your interaction and stay in the country will be limited to your fellow students a few locals who might be familiar with the English language.

Most people like studying abroad in places as they get a chance to meet with people from different backgrounds. Moreover, they get a chance to experience learning in diverse learning environments. However, while studying abroad is considered beneficial by many people, it may be a waste time if one is not careful. Some students get lost in the parties and other events they find in the foreign countries they visit and forget what they went to do.

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