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What are some survival tips for natural disasters?

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1 answer

Melissa Norris on January 4, 2019

If a tornado warning has been issued, no window opens thinking that you are going to equalize pressure within the house. This is a climate myth. If you open a window in the tornado going to demolish your house. Keep all windows closed during a tornado. Go to the most intimate essence of the house, away from windows, try to cover yourself with a mattress or two, and take cover under a heavy article of furniture, or go to your basement or storm cellar if you have one and take cover under a heavy mattress located under a heavy piece of furniture. Keep, at least, a 72 hour bag, or even three or four, if you find yourself cut off from outside help indefinitely.. If you are located outside of the doors when a tornado strikes, find the deepest depression in the ground you can find and lie face down on it, with hands clasped behind your neck with your arms tucked in. If it is possible to trace in the gutter, but be aware that during a tornado a culvert may flood with water or mud from the torrential rains. Evacuate your home before a hurricane arrives, but if you insist on to walk to do a good job of boarding and sealing of the house, and be ready to go to the top floor or even the roof of a house on several floors. Keep the essential elements for survival, such as food, water, flashlights, kerosene heaters, candles, toilet paper, hygiene products, a large bucket of water and a supply of chlorine to relieve the same, a hatchet to cut through the attic ceiling to get to the roof, blankets,life jackets, signaling object, rain gear, a first aid kit, etc . If you find yourself in an earthquake, move outside to an open space, away from any possible structural failure or other falling debris, and be aware of what is going on underneath their feet as cracks or holes that open in the earth into which it might fall. If it is not possible to go outside for safety reasons, then, follow the basic precautions for tornado safety.. During a volcanic eruption, if you are not in danger from the pyroclastic flow, stay indoors and seal all windows, doors, and, if necessary, to vents, to keep ashes, that can make breathing difficult. If you have to wear a mask, surgical type, or a scarf/bandanna over your mouth and nose. If you are in danger from the pyroclastic flow, then a kiss good-bye to yourself, as a pyroclastic flow can move up to 700 miles per hour, and nothing in the earth or in the sea can run faster..

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