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What are some survival tips?

Samantha Barber

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1 answer

Kevin Sutter on March 31, 2019

the water can be found anywhere the soil is moist or wet by digging a hole 2-3feet deep. remove the first water that enters the hole, look dirty. the second round of the water will be clear and purified by the soil around it. fruits and berries are found in most of the world and are a good way to get the nutrition. fishing very good for the majority of the nutrition that you need. a short spear or a net made from bark rope will do you good. remember that if you go against and disrupt the current of the water, the fish will swim away. it is better to stay still and let the fish come to you before the strike. and that is all I could thinkof at the time of Answering will Always be prepared. If you are travelling always carry at least a small survival kit, at least, a coat, and if it is possible, at least, a small first aid kit. Also carry snacks in your car or boat, and the excess of water. Your survival kit should include something to start a fire with. Carry a compass and a map, if possible, and know how to use them. A coil of fishing wire and a couple of fish hooks are good. A flash light or two are good with extra batteries. You need some kind of knife, maybe a multitool, an excellent item to have in a survival situation. It is also good to carry a signaling device, a signal mirror or survival whistle. Carry a cell phone in case you find yourself stranded in an area where you have a signal. If you have the intention of being away from home for a time, always tell a responsible person where you are going and when you should expect again. It might be a good idea to carry at least a basic survival manual. If you are stranded in your car stay there and make that your survival base camp, only deciding to travel and try to rescue yourself if it is clear that no one is going to be looking for you any time soon. If you have decided to try to rescue yourself and you find yourself in the wilderness, three fires are seen as a call of rescue. If you have to take water from the environment, such as a pond, you must filter and boil the water for a maximum of ten minutes, a minimum of one minute. Be on the plants in the area where it will go, so that you know what you can safely consume.

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