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What are some scholarships for a eye doctor?

Ramon Kelly

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Kristi Hammond on November 9, 2019

Here are some suggestions:. TIP #1: I remembered this from high school - over 40 years ago. As I was walking down a hallway, I overheard two teachers talking about it:. Do a search for Lovejoy's Guide Or Robert Leider.. Suggestion #2: Inquire about scholarships, fellowships, gifts and grants in your chosen field.. Suggestion #3: On weekends, during semester/holiday and during the summer do volunteer work in your chosen profession. Chat with people about possible sources for scholarships, fellowships, grants, scholarships and low-interest loans.. what is more, you are going to get the financial help that you are looking for. At least, the answer that you will or may get is a flat "NO" - without any explanation. [Other than in the love and the romance, "NO" never hurt anyone.]. A side thought: "NO" can mean "not now". This does not mean that the funds completely "dry" or will not be available until the next month, 3 months or even the next year. You don't know until you ask.. Tip #4: Journal every day on your computer. What you learned and what you taught them. What to do and what not to do.. she gave me some suggestions and a light down a path. You can see, you HAVE OTHER OPTIONS. The rest depends on you.. Thank you for asking your Q. I enjoyed answering it.. VTY,. Ron Berue. Yes, that is my real last name!. Source(s): My ears - in the right place at the right time - paying attention with some common sense.. "THE University of Hard Knocks"

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