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What are some resources available to help immigrant students in education in the US?

My son is going to school next year. As I have noticed, immigrant students have difficulty getting used to the new school atmosphere and usually underperform in exams. I would like to know what programs are available in the USA in order to offer effective education for immigrants to adjust in the US schools where they are likely to face a number of issues ranging from language issues, isolation, and discrimination so that my kid is able to perform well in academics. Are there, in fact, some programs aimed at educating immigrant students?  

Annie Barnes

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1 answer

Jennifer Patterson on May 24, 2018

I can understand your concern. There is nothing to worry about your child’s proper integration into the American society. You can find a number of resources both inside and outside the school to help the transition. A perfect example is the family services and resources offered by different communities. In the city of New York, you can see services like Immigrant Family Website which offer details of the various educational, professional, health and social resources available for the immigrant children.

Similarly, you can use the service of Caring Across Communities which is a program designed to help immigrant children fulfill mental health needs. This program will help you find various useful resources to handle the situation. There is also the FACES, a community that solely focuses on helping refugee children resettle in the US. The special feature of this program is that it contains bilingual and bicultural professionals who are capable of helping children come out of the trauma.

Another important source is the Cultural Orientation Resource Center that is solely aimed at cultural orientation. It offers preparation for refugees to face the real American society in their new communities.

There is some school-based support for students from immigrant families. A perfect example is Welcome Centers and Newcomer Programs in many districts. Some examples are Student Intake Center established by Dallas Independent School District and ESL Newcomer Academy of Jefferson County Schools. In addition to that, most school districts have their own strategy to ensure parental involvement in education. In such programs, the main focus is on enabling parents to increase their knowledge and English proficiency so that immigrant children get a good literacy environment at home. In addition to these, schools offer English as a Second Language classes for the students who aren’t good at English.

Now, the following are the common problems reported about educating an immigrant student. Firstly, there is higher student dropout as immigrant students leave school early to start working. Secondly, many parents feel unhappy about the schools as they do not allow the immigrant children to continue using their mother tongue. Thirdly, many immigrant students show poor performance in ESL and do not show any progress in state achievement tests.

However, the reality is that if you use the facilities and resources effectively, your kid will not face any problems getting used to and adapting the American way of life soon. Authorities are now fully aware of the importance of imparting education to immigrant students. 

Kurt Price2 years ago

I think I am the best person to advise you here because I am an immigrant student myself. Give your child enough courage and support to face the challenges. When I was a sophomore in the high school, there were days when it was unbearable. However, my mother and my teacher helped me to bounce back every time. Thus, by the time I became a junior, I was a distinguished student of the school and was elected the outstanding student of the year. I graduated with 1st rank in the class and now I am doing my major in computer science. Obviously, there were challenges, but my teacher and my mother helped me overcome the hurdles. Now, being the parent of an immigrant student, it is your duty to see that your son is given sufficient emotional support to face challenges and not to feel disheartened.

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