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What are some reasons for studying economics? Check all that apply. Economics has an impact on everyday life. Economics helps people learn to manage resources. Economics describes the reasons products are scarce. Economics explains the roles of producers and consumers. Economics shows how people work together to make money.

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1 answer

Victoria Fowler on February 1, 2018

RESPONSE: A) the Economy has an impact on the daily life. C) the Economy is described the reasons for the products are scarce. D) the Economy explain the roles of producers and consumers. E) the Economy shows how people working together to make money.EXPLANATION: the Economy is a study which teaches government, individuals, businesses, societies, and households to allocate scarce resources in an effective and efficient manner. It is a daily exercise that needs to be done, and it has effects all over the world. We learn the reasons why a product is not available in abundant in the market. Shows the reasons why the product is being sold in the market and why the other product is not a success in the market. It also shows the need of production of goods and services and the amount of how much that should be done. All of these help to make money to the perfection of the use of resources in an efficient manner.

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