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What are some one syllable words that start with t?

Ramon Kelly

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Roger Moore on December 21, 2018

the, to, two, too, tack, toad, touch, thrash, toe, tow, truck, tease, trash, tick, tin, top, tab, tag, tact, tail, take, talk, tale, talc, tall, tame, tan, tank, tap, tape, taps, tar, tart, task, taste, taunt, taut, tax, tea, teal, teach, team, tear, teem, teens, teen, tooth, teeth, teethe, tell, tempt, ten, tend, tense, tent, tempth, term, terse, test, than, text, think, thought, that, thatch, thaw, thee, theft, thief, thieves, there, theirs, their, they're, them, theme, then there's a lot more, but I really don't want to list them all... a little "thanks" could do...

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