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What are some of the tests administered during a career path quiz?

I am a trained mechanic looking forward to taking a mechanical aptitude test for my new job. My main challenge as I prepare for this test is lack of information. I have no knowledge on career aptitude test for adults. I have never come across the concept.

Therefore, I am seeking information on the major areas that are tested in a career path quiz. This will help me prepare appropriately for the test through undertaking relevant practice aptitude tests on the test areas.

Please advise me. Thanks.

Rodney Fox

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1 answer

Derrick Little on March 6, 2018

Some of the most commonly measured aspects during career path quizzes are:

Intelligence quotient (IQ)

They are very similar to conventional tests. They show you the number of correctly answered questions and gives explanations to correct answers for the questions.


  1. Logical reasoning quizzes
  2. Numerical reasoning quizzes
  3. Abstract reasoning quizzes
  4. Inductive reasoning quizzes
  5. Verbal reasoning quiz with syllogisms
  6. Verbal reasoning with analogies
  7. Deductive reasoning with figures
  8. Deductive reasoning with numbers
  9. Spatial reasoning quiz

Career test

These are tests to determine what career is most appropriate for your personality.

They typically last 5-10 minutes. Try to be as honest as possible when answering questions in career tests.


Career aptitude tests for adults also measure your personality.

A measure of personality is good when identifying your strengths and understanding yourself. The Big five personality aspects are gauged. The personality test is the most reliable test of all.

Work merit

Work merit is another aspect that is measured in career quizzes. This is useful in identifying what makes you unhappy or happy with your work.

Some of the questions relevant tests answer include:

Why you made a particular career choice?

What is the best alternative career move for you?

What talents do you have?

Which work merit is suitable for you?

Which work merits will make you successful and happy?

There are fourteen career merits i.e. Autonomy, Variety, Creativity, Self-development, Structure, Influence, Work-life balance, financial reward, Security, Prestige, and Performance, Working conditions, Work relationships and Altruism.

Team functions

According to the team functions assumption there are different team functions. These functions can either be organizational, functional, skillful or personal. Each team is allocated a different team function basing on the particular aims of the team.

An appropriate practice aptitude test can provide you with information on how you perform in a team. If your team lacks the necessary favorable composition you are bound to face obstacles in your work place. For instance, teams comprising of only creative people tend to come up with many unexplored ideas. This is even if none of them will be carried out. On the other hand, teams made up of experts tend to lose their focus on the main goal.

Thus, a team is bound to get better results when it is aware of the different functions needed to attain a certain desired outcome in the organization.

Good luck with your mechanic aptitude test!

Wilson Hansena year ago

Another aspect that is measured in career path quiz is the Jung personality: This examines how you handle people, make decisions and process information. It evaluates you basing on two psychological types i.e. are you an introvert or are you an extravert. Your personality is determined basing on the Jung types.

The personality test provides answers to these questions:

What personality do I have?

What Jung type am I?

How does my psychological type befit a certain job?

The Jung personality test is accurate and very fast. It provides a precise measure of your inclinations to handling people and organizing yourself. The results provide an informative insight into your behavior and personality. By exploring how various Jung types match with certain occupations, you are able to position yourself appropriately for the same.

The Jung test consists of up to sixty options. You are required to choose an explanation that accurately describes you.

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