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What are some of the teaching-related programs offered by NYU continuing education?

I am looking for institutions that offer courses with continuing education credits for teachers in high school. As teaching is evolving each passing day, I feel that I also need to move with the times. I have heard about American continuing education regarding engineering continuing education courses but not so much so for teaching. I am wondering if NYU continuing education has excellent continuing education courses for teachers. Any suggestion of a learning platform I should consider?

Samantha Barber

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1 answer

Aaron Lee on May 7, 2018

Teaching is an art dependent on current issues and accepted norms. Therefore, advancement of skills and knowledge in this field is lifelong. Under New York University, continuing education is well covered in the school’s division of professional studies.

You can find excellent certification courses in the Dept. of teaching & learning website. The masters’ courses take 12-14 months’ duration, and you can choose on-campus or online classes. Furthermore, you get practical experience by teaching in NY schools. There are several study programs, and I can’t possibly mention all of them. Here are a few areas you can master in at NYU:

  • Secondary education: this is an online degree program that teaches you through teaching residency in high-need grade 7-12 classrooms. It takes about one year to earn you a master of arts in teaching.
  • Social studies: if you want to earn a professional or dual certificate in teaching social sciences, there are several NYU masters’ programs that you can do on campus or online.
  • Foreign languages
  • English education: there are several specialized MA in English teaching under this category. You will get valuable skills in teaching writing, language arts, and English literature. The degrees can be done online or on campus.
  • Special education: learn how to teach children with disabilities through coursework and hands-on experience in NY classrooms through the MA in teaching students with disabilities.
  • Music and dance education: MA teaching dance and MA teaching music are some of the CE courses offered under this category. You can choose from non-certification, certification, and advanced certification options.
  • Math education: you can also earn some teaching continuing education credit to become an excellent math teacher through the MA teaching mathematics for grade 7 to 12. This degree is done on-campus. Therefore, if you want to do it online, you will do the general MAT degree.

Most of these courses can help you find a specialization, change your specialist area or advance your skills in a particular teaching area of expertise.

The American Continuing Ed does not have courses in teaching. The programs are in these areas: cosmetology, electrical engineering, towing and heating, ventilation & air conditioning. I think NYU is your best bet for CE because it not only has a specialized division that offers a variety of courses but also online options for busy professionals. You can go on with your job and learn at the same time without worry. 

Ronald Miller2 years ago

I agree. NYU continuing education is an excellent option for teachers who wish to advance their skills. However, I would like to mention some places tailored explicitly for teachers and where you can find CE courses. Remember that, as you look for CE, it is not about the credit you will attain but the skills and expertise you will achieve when you finish.

Learners Edge: this place is magnificent because it is founded by teachers for teachers. It has degrees and non-degree continuing education courses that you can pursue online. On each course’s description, you will get the grade level it concerns.

Learn Dash: this site provides useful information for teachers as well as packages for Continuing Education courses. Depending on your budget and need, you can opt for the pro package, plus package or the basic continuing education courses’ package. 

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