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What are some of the student issues that NYC education news has addressed?

Throughout my years in college, I have been a vocal advocate of student issues that affect their performance. I have articulated my views on many school newspaper articles in my college to address the various challenges that students are facing. There are very few controversial news articles for students to raise awareness. I feel that there is need for more effort to improve college students’ welfare. Has the NYC education news tried to highlight student problems?

Dana Keller

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1 answer

Aaron Lee on January 29, 2018

I agree that we need to employ more effort to improve the higher education sector. Most students are suffering in silence, as they do not have a channel to voice their grievances. This has gradually lowered the potential of the workforce realized by our higher institutions. The New York City education news have tried to address these problems by:

  • Addressing violence and insecurity in education institutions.

The media has highlighted various incidents of violence in colleges. This has prompted the administration to enforce better security measures. Students in the past faced numerous security threats on and off campus but I believe the situation has largely improved.

  • Creating awareness on student funding problems.

Many students are not financially self-sufficient to support themselves in campus. The federal loans are sometimes not enough to complete tuition fee and cater for the living cost in the expensive New York City. To survive, many take up exploitative private loans or find part-time employment. The media has highlighted this financial issue severally and the government has in turn eased student struggles by approving free tuition for college.

  • Informing on government policies that will affect students.

You will find many government policies aimed at improving the welfare of college students highlighted and discussed in the education news.

However, I think the media should publicize controversial news articles from students to give them a voice to highlight the many issues that affect them. These issues include:

  • Drugs and alcohol abuse among students.

Many people confess to developing long term detrimental habits in college. Most college students abuse alcohol or other types of drugs. There are many reasons that lead students to drug abuse. Some of these issues include depression, social anxiety, unhappiness with school and peer pressure.

These serious issues if ignored have dire future repercussions.

  • Access to medical health care.

Students should be able to access proper medical services. This is a major problem in cases where one is not able to afford a reliable medical cover.

  • Student harassment.

There have been cases of lecture harassment of students. This is especially common in female students. Lecturers sometimes demand the exchange of sexual favors for good grades. Refusal means poor grades for the victim. Many are afraid to come out with their stories, as they do not have a strong voice to support them. There are many anonymous testimonials in schools newspaper articles from students who have undergone harassment.

Charles McAleara year ago

It is sad how some brilliant minds ruin their future by wasting their potential on drugs and alcohol. I believe there are many more problems that students face not highlighted here. The major problem however, is finances. I am glad the government finally addressed this problem by 
wavering tuition fee.

However, some issues in under NYC ed news are taking us back to the days before the Obama administration. Through the department of education, the government is working on a plan to reverse the previous policy of forgiving federal loans to students defrauded by profit making
institutions. If implemented, the government will only offer partial forgiveness. I believe that the media can actively advocate for the welfare of students in our higher education. However, there is little to show for their influence. In the few documented cases of student problems in universities, I have yet to hear of viable solutions.

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