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What are some of the most important issues in higher education?

I am writing a report on higher education. I want to concentrate on issues in higher education. However, I am yet to decide which specific problem to deal with. One of the issues I have thought about is access to higher education. Special education degree has also emerged as an essential topic to write about. Another problem that I came across is higher education funding. However, I have not decided which of the three issues is the most pivotal. I would like to write on a topic that will attract the attention of many people. I don’t have enough time to research on different issues and choose the best one. Help me, please.

Deborah Edwards

in Higher Education

2 answers

2 answers

Chris Harris on July 25, 2018

Student debt is a good topic to write about.

Blair Lewis on May 23, 2018

It is imperative that you have decided to write on one of the most overlooked sectors of the society. Due to many challenges in the world today, it is unfortunate that people have forgotten about higher education. I am a contributor to various education journals, and I have come across many issues in this sector. I can, therefore, be of great help in assisting you to identify an issue in higher education. One of these topics is access to higher-education. There is a lot to cover. The annual number of undocumented students who enroll in university education stands at 30,000. Since President Donald Trump took over, he has been determined to deport undocumented immigrants. This makes a topic on education access on this group of people attractive. Given that not all states are in support of the President’s idea, you can choose to base your research on different states.  Here, you can look at how the various states have taken this issue and what they are doing to address it. In addition, you can choose to write on some of the challenges immigrants are facing in their effort to access higher education. This is a topic that will attract the attention of many groups especially those fighting for the rights of illegal immigrants.

Another issue you can research on is special education degrees. You can investigate the availability and supply of schools that offer specialized programs and how it has affected access to education by this group of people. You can also write why the number of students enrolling in these degrees has been dwindling. Moreover, you can consider writing about the role of technology in enhancing these degrees. You can also research on whether these degrees address all the challenges faced by these people and what needs to be done to address it.

Funding in higher education is another critical issue that you can write on. Since the 2008 financial crisis, the number of the people in need of government support in their college education has increased drastically. However, to make funding a fascinating topic to write on, you can consider looking at DACA. You can choose to write on the effect of the government’s plan to cut funding for this group of people. You can look at how various colleges and states are bracing themselves in case the government reduces the funding. This is a crucial topic to write on as it is always in the headlines. There are so many things happening so fast that you need to make sure you use regularly updated resources. This will make your research relevant and informative. 

Nicholas Rivera2 years ago

Although there are many issues in higher education, I think a topic on alternative ways of funding can be exciting, informative, and helpful to the entire society at large. In my opinion, you can decide to write on alternative funding if the government rescinds DACA. You can research the new role universities, private loans, and scholarship will take in the absence of government funding. In this case, your work will be of great help to both the students and their financiers. Those wishing to support them will use your study to find how they can assist them while the students will know the people to turn to for assistance. It will also become easier for these students to identify the universities or states that support their education.  You can also write on how the termination of this program will affect the access to education by this group of people. I feel that the list of issues you can write on is endless. However, just make sure you do a lot of research to make your topic thrilling. Good luck. 

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