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What are some of the impacts of the center for education reform?

I am working on a project about education reform in America. I have chosen to write on the center for education reform. I would like someone to furnish me with vital information about this group. Someone should also say something about Barack Obama education reform. I would also like to hear about science education reform. What impact has these groups have on the American education system? In what ways has the public benefited from the activities of these groups? What is the American school reform and what is its role? Please, I would like a detailed answer that provides all the relevant information about the topic. Thank you in advance.

Ashley Howard

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1 answer

Zach Chandler on March 8, 2018

The center for education-reform is a group that campaigns for charter schools in America. The charter schools receive funding from the government but are managed privately not like other public schools. In exchange for the huge flexibility enjoyed by these schools, they are accountable for their performance and finance management. They have to ensure that their students perform well to continue receiving financial support. These schools have been seen as an avenue of helping kids from low-income family backgrounds access high quality education. One has to apply to be admitted to any of the charter schools. It is important to know that charters schools are different from each other. The various states have different authorizers of charter schools.

Obama education reform is a term used to refer to the former president introduced in the education sector. In 2015, President Obama signed the K-12 education law. Under this law, Every Student Succeeds Act; the federal government transferred decision-making responsibilities to the states and local governments. For instance, the federal government is no longer in charge of the performance or accountability in public schools in the country. The science education-reform has been tasked with developing a curriculum that meets the scientific needs of society. Science education in America cannot be developed in the laboratory and there is need to carry out reform to ensure that it as part of our social life. The American school reforms have been brought about with the aim of changing the focus of education from input to output. This means that the students’ achievements should be given priority in any school.

These education reform schools have had significant effects on the lives of the American people. For instance, the reforms have helped to enhance equality in the society by providing access to quality education by children from low income families. By attending charter schools, these children have been able to realize their academic goals in suitable learning environments. Moreover, the science reforms have been critical in ensuring the development of a curriculum that incorporates not only the scientific but also the social needs of society. The decision to relieve the federal government from most of the responsibilities of public schools has enhanced the management of these schools. It is much easier for the state and local governments to supervise public schools in their jurisdiction and ensure proper management. The public stands to benefit from these moves as the quality of education provided in public schools is expected to improve. This may eliminate the need to go to private schools for quality education.

Jordan Sotoa year ago

It is wrong to say that the center for education reform has really helped in enhancing the quality of education in public schools. I once tried to take my kids to these charter schools and they didn’t like them at all. The schools have strict rules and their teachers are not always the best when it comes to teaching and they are also very harsh. Kids find it hard to socialize as they are just a few kids in most of these kids. In my opinion, I think charter schools are there just to use our taxes. There is need to find other ways of helping kids from low income families. Relying on charter schools will not yield the expected results. Overall, however, there is a feeling that these reforms have been critical in enhancing the learning environment. Due to these changes, public schools are not the same way they were in some thirty or so years ago. More people have now been able to access education than before.

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