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What are some of the Federal grants for college students I can apply for?

I am seeking for financial help for students in the form of grants for university students. The student loans I have secured are not sufficient for me since I am in dire financial need. I need money to cater for my tuition, accommodation, meals, and so on.

So, is there anyone with useful information on where I can get federally provided grants for college students? Please provide relevant links to the awards to help me learn how to apply for student grants from their official sites if applicable.

Amanda Johnson

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1 answer

Ralph Lopez on June 4, 2018

Many universities in the US receive educational grants from the government to help cater for various educational courses and institutional maintenance cost. These grants are often utilized away from the glare of students who do not have information on the matter. Though you may benefit from these grants unknowingly, they will not offer you direct financial help as a student.

The best grants for a college student are the ones that come to you directly. Grants come from some sources such as private organizations, corporations, and states. However, in this article, I will focus on university student grants coming from the Federal Government.

Before I delve into that, it is essential that you appreciate the fact that there are two broad types of student grants. There are need-based grants which are awarded to students basing on their financial need. The other type is merit-based grants that are awarded to students basing on factors such as academic performance.

Below are some Federal grants that offer financial assistance to students. Click on the links to learn how to apply for these grants for students:

Pell Grant

The Pell Grant program provides the most grants to students. This award helps undergraduates who demonstrate financial need to pay for their tuition.  At times, this grant is accompanied by Federal Direct Loans. Your eligibility for this Pell grant is determined yearly. It uses your FAFSA information and takes into account the four non-discretionary aspects below.

Factors considered when determining your Pell Grant amount

  • Financial requirement after exhausting family contributions
  • The enrollment status (Full-time or part-time)
  • The cost of your education in a particular school
  • You need to be enrolled in school for the entire academic year

The maximum amount of this grant changes each year depending on the funding from the federal government. Presently, undergraduates can get a maximum of $5,500 in every academic year.

FSEOG (Federal Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grant)

This grant program is campus-based and provides additional financial help to other sources of financial aid that the student has applied for. The student has to show financial need to get this grant.

Students who have zero on their EFCs of zero are prioritized during the award of FSEOG. To ensure that you secure this grant, try to apply early for the same.  

Factors considered

  • Your present Pell Grant award
  • Other grants and scholarships
  • Cost of tuition
  • Financial assistance from your university

Good luck! 

Ronald Miller2 years ago

Another Federal grant for college students is the Academic Competitiveness Grant. This grant rewards and encourages first and second-year college students from low-income households. The recipients ought to have high-school academic standards that are considered as “rigorous.”

Academic Competitiveness Grants are merit-based and need-based. Therefore, the recipient must be receiving the Pell Grant. Moreover, they have to be admitted on a full-time basis in two-  year or four-year courses, and be capable of sustaining a GPA of 3.0 throughout.

This grant aims to encourage general excellence in education and the STEM subjects. Therefore, those students who take more challenging courses in high school are given the priority when it comes to the award of science and technology grants for tuition when they are in college.

The maximum amount of an Academic Competitive Grant is $750 for those who are in their first year of college and $1,300 for second-year college students. 

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