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What are some of the events of the Learning Forward conference?

I would like to know more about Learning Forward’s Texas annual conference from someone who has attended one. I have been a Lecturer for the last two and a half years. Keeping up with current practices and issues in the education sector is at the top of my objectives. So, I am thinking of attending my first professional conference.

Learning Forward Education conference 2018 is among my considerations mainly because its timing agrees with my calendar. I wanted to know the critical aspects of the Learning Forward conference before I register.

Theresa Perry

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1 answer

Chelsea Hayes on June 12, 2018

Learning Forward has been in the forefront in offering professional learning opportunities to teachers and education leaders in America and internationally. Their 2018 Education conference is bigger and better with an expected attendee list easily over 3000 from all over the US and around the world.

The conference, however, is usually structured in a way that you cannot attend all of the events. During registration, you will be required to specify the sessions you wish to attend and pay for them accordingly. Hundreds of professional learning sessions take place at the same time. Nonetheless, whichever you attend, expect to come out of the conference with valuable connections from interacting with industry leaders, opportunities to exploit and also strategies you can implement in your school or classroom.

However small your scope of influence may be, as an educator, you are a leader of a particular group of people. Learning Forward’s conference will help you make a difference in that small area of influence. These small impacts eventually cause a ripple or multiplier effect. I have attended one of these conferences, and although each year’s conference has a unique theme to it, some things remain similar.

For example, I found that the most beneficial part of the event was the daily sessions where we listened to keynote speakers. These speakers come from among people who in the education industry who have initiated projects, initiatives or causes that have brought about positive impacts. One thing that I am sure you will learn is how to come up with solutions to issues facing your immediate learning community and how to apply them practically. Each year, there are new speakers so that even those who have attended the conference before get to learn new things.

You will also get sessions where you convene into smaller groups for discussion forums. Here is where you can share your ideas and listen to other people’s perspectives or point of view on significant issues. There is also ample time during meals for attendees to network among themselves. You will meet other education leaders from far and wide. Know what they are doing in their respective areas and pick things you can implement back home.

Though all these activities are equally important, the primary focus of Learning Forward’s annual conference in Texas is the learning and professional development sessions. They will help you develop your career and become a proactive problem-solver. 

Craig Stewart2 years ago

This year’s Learning Forward Conference is about creating a sustainable environment for teaching as well as learning. Aside from the feature mentioned, there are excellent benefits you get from the conference. The most important advantage being the connections you make. Networking is at the top of the list for anyone attending conferences; and not only a down to up kind of relationships. Networking is also important to industry leaders at the top. These include policy makers, principals, and superintendents. So, while you are there, gather courage and speak to as many people as you can. You never know, you could land yourself lucrative job or career opportunities while at it. Also, did you know that you will also gain CE units from the learning sessions at the conference? Well, Learning Forward's partnership with California’s St. Mary’s College help you obtain one unit of CE when you complete 10 hours of learning. 

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