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What are some of the effects of missing classes?

Daniel King

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1 answer

Deborah Edwards on August 15, 2020

Missing class means that a student does not follow what is beingtaught. In order not to be left behind with the studies, students in this situation will have to read up on what they have lost. Thistakes time, of course. There are short-term and long-term effects ofmissing classes. In the short term, it may not be serious isreltively easy to compensate for the loss of learning in class. However,you can create a feeling of being behind the others. In the longrun, it becomes a problem because then a student can stay back tosuch a degree that is difficult to do for him. There arealso social effects of the lack of classes. The friends of the student andclassmates will know that he or she is absent from school, and they wonder why and the reason for this is.

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