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What are some of the competitive online college classes at Coursera now?

I want to take an online course that is up-to-date. I feel like my undergraduate degree, which I did a decade ago, is not appropriate nowadays. I would like to study in distance learning universities as long as I can attain a qualification in a competitive course that will guarantee immediate employment. I find online university classes perfect since you can be able to take them from anywhere. Can anyone provide relevant information on competitive online college classes offered by Coursera?

Megan Page

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1 answer

Justin Parker on May 18, 2018

Taking an online college class can earn you a qualification that will bring you employment. However, completing a course does not guarantee that you will get a job quickly. A competitive program will only increase your chances of being absorbed into the job market.

Below are some of the most popular courses at Coursera. These programs are provided by reputable universities of distance learning:

Introduction to Graphic Design

This online college class will educate you on the fundamentals of graphic design. Graphic design is increasingly becoming a significant subject in the modern world. People are beginning to embrace the role of graphic designers and thus creating a demand for qualified personnel in the field.

You will learn about the important principles of graphic design through visual instruction such as typography, image-making, working with color, patterns and shape, and composition. These skills will ensure that you are conversant with all techniques required for foundational graphic design practice.

This California Institute of the Arts provided course will help you learn practically. You will be required to create your designs. This step will help bring out the communicator and maker and allow you to bring forth practical projects.

By the end of the session, you will be able to investigate and explore visual representation by using various techniques of image-making techniques. You will also be able to understand the fundamental principles of working with a pattern, color, and shape.

This course will enable you to get acquainted with skills and languages of typography. Moreover, you will be able to apply the principles of visual contrast and composition.

This graphic design course will equip you with a set of fundamental skills that you can use for your projects or for exploring specialized graphic design fields.

For success in this program, you ought to have a computer. However, you can still take this course without one, but it will be quite challenging. Another essential tool is the Adobe Creative Suite, i.e., Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign. You need to have at least a beginners working knowledge of these tools.

Using Python for Databases

Python is an in-demand programming language right now that once mastered can guarantee you a job.

This course will teach you on the basics of SQL (Structured Query Language). You will also learn about simple database design for storing data as part of sequential data collection, evaluation, and processing effort. 

Cynthia Baker2 years ago

In this technological era, data managers are some of the most sought-after professionals. Taking an online college class in a data-related field will help you land a chance of getting these coveted opportunities.

Coursera in collaboration with the Johns Hopkins University offers a course on obtaining and cleaning data. This course provides necessary information on how you can be able to get data from multiple sources such as APIs, the web, from colleagues, and from databases in various formats.

By the end of this course, you will also be able to know how to clean data (making data ‘tidy’). Cleaned data allows you to conduct downstream data analysis tasks in a fast manner.  

In this course, you will also learn about the composition of a complete set of data including processing instructions, raw data, processed data, and codebooks.

You will also learn about data gathering, manipulation, cleaning, and sharing. 

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