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What are some of the best study tools I can find online?

I looking for the best online study tools to help me improve the way I study. Last school year, I did not perform very well on my end of semester exams. This is because I could neither concentrate on studying continuously for a time nor remember most of what I read when sitting for the tests. I have realized that without good study tips for exams, I cannot improve my performance. I would like to know effective college study skills to adopt.

Samantha Stevenson

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1 answer

Kevin Sutter on January 23, 2018

To begin with, finding a balance between social life and education may be the hardest struggle in college. Before you can have any success in studying, you need to cut down on the time you are spending on things like TV, phone or social outings. To answer your second question, here are some useful study skills for college you should embrace:

  • Identify a private place for your study session.
    A good study place should be quiet, private and well lighted. Do not study in a room that is stuffy and/or noisy to avoid being distracted.
  • Decide on the amount of work you intend to cover for a specific time.
    What is important here is being realistic. Give yourself tasks that you can finish in a specific time. Allow for longer sessions for actual reading and shorter sessions for review and self-analysis.
  • Tackle difficult areas when you are most alert.
    Identify the areas of study that you view as difficult and tackle them first. You can study these areas early in the morning when your mind is fresh and alert.
  • Study in short sessions with regular breaks.
    If you are struggling to concentrate for longer periods, arrange for multiple sessions with breaks in between to rest your mind. Take a snack to re-energize.
  • Make notes and highlight important points as you read.
    Making notes is important both during the lecture and while studying alone. Make short notes on every topic for review later. Also, highlight important areas in your course book or material.
  • Form a study relationship with a classmate.
    Find a course mate you can study with, compare each other’s study notes and set questions for each other.

    Moreover, you can choose an online study tool which gives you access to lots of study materials and guides. Some of the best include:
  • GoConqr.
    This site will help you to breakdown complex concepts to simple easy-to- learn points. It has exciting features such as flashcards, quizzes and a study planner.
    This tool has hundreds of strategies and tips to study for exams and writing dissertation papers.
  • Study Stack.
    This is a wonderful learning tool to help improve your memory. It uses flash cards to help you memorize key concepts.
  • Schooltraq.
    This study planner will help you track your work progress from anywhere.
  • Quizlet.
    This site will help you improve performance by creating personalized study sets. Learners and teachers can share valuable material here.

Wilson Hansen2 years ago

I agree studying in college can be quite hard. There are endless and exciting social activities to distract you. Furthermore, you will find that what you used to pass exams in high school does not always apply in college. However, there are numerous study tools to help you ace those exams. Some online aids I have found useful are:

1. Study Guides and Strategies.
This site explores studying styles and guidelines, time management, research paper writing and preparations for exams.

2. PocketMod.
This tool will help you summarize you study material into a pocket size study sheet. It provides an efficient way of carrying short notes on a piece of paper in your pocket for easy review.

3. Grade Saver. Students from Harvard University started this site initially to guide students in writing good
essays. The site now also offers study guides and strategies to improve college students’ grades.

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