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What are some of the best sites offering an English grammar check?

I recently got into the academic writing profession. For my past assignments, I have been unable to get a good place to conduct a grammar check free. I have been submitting my work without checking for grammar mistakes since most of the sites require me to register and pay a certain fee. Consequently, I am inviting suggestions on the best sites that help check English grammar free. It will really help me improve the quality of my academic assignments. Lastly, recommend a website offering English grammar exercises online.

Whitney Matthews

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1 answer

Kevin Sutter on March 20, 2018

To succeed in the academic writing field, you ought to have tools that can help you work efficiently and provide high-quality work. Chief among them is a grammar check. It will help you provide good work that is free of any grammatical errors.  

Websites that offer free grammar checks are often not very thorough. They tend to be quick schemes that may even miss identifying the most obvious of errors made in grammar. Therefore, based on personal experience, I highly recommend Grammarly. It is a subscription service that is definitely worth dime. However, it has a free account that allows you to check English grammar for free.  

This application provides checks on grammar, punctuation, and spelling. It is specifically meant for people such as bloggers, writers, students and other professionals in the writing field like you. It is also a plagiarism checker.

Using Grammarly

This application can be used on two platforms i.e.

Premium account - This account has more interesting tools than the free account (will be discussed shortly). These awesome features include a reference guide, the thesaurus, and a community-led forum. It helps you identify way more grammatical mistakes and provides in-depth guidance on the mistakes using flashcards.

Free account - This type of account only allows you access to limited features. It does not provide a detailed outlook of the errors identified.


The premium account is priced as follows:

Monthly Registration/ Subscription - $29.95 USD/month

Quarterly Registration/ Subscription - $19.98/month (payed as $59.95 USD once)

Annual Registration/ Subscription- $11.66/month (payed as $139.95 USD)

Value for your money

Grammarly is definitely worth every dime. It can be used on a variety of platforms. These include:

  • Grammarly online platform- Allows you check the grammar in your assignments by pasting the document into the word box or by writing into it.
  • Microsoft Office
  • Any browser

Grammarly allows you to choose the most appropriate target audience for your work. This ensures that your work is subjected to a check that conforms to the standards within that genre. This audience can be сasual, academic, creative, technical and business.

Grammarly works by instantly underlining errors in your text and offering alternatives. It also identifies passive voice in your work.

When it comes to English grammar exercise online, go to EnglishGrammar- Online Exercises to get exercises to help you improve your English.

Jessie Thompsona year ago

I would like to offer some more suggestions on websites that offer good English grammar exercises online.  They include:

This website provides a lot of information on English vocabulary and grammar. Learning is facilitated through various exercises, games, and tests.

On this site, you can prepare for your tests, learn new words, practice your grammar, examine rules in English and play some educative games.

There is an excess of 800 exercises on this site to help you study.

Oxford Practice Grammar

Oxford Practice Grammar online offers tests that help you identify the grammar topics you need to practice on. You are required to choose your level before undertaking the practice.

The levels include:

  • Oxford Practice Grammar- Basic
  • Oxford Practice Grammar- Intermediate
  • Oxford Practice Grammar- Advanced

You can also practice on irregular verbs on this website. This will greatly help you to improve your knowledge of verbs.

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