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What are some of the best online automotive classes?

I would like some information on the best online automotive classes to be eligible for well-paying automotive positions. I am passionate about vehicle mechanics but my career is still not at the level I that want it to be. I’m currently working in two back to back jobs as a technician. Therefore, with this relatively busy daily schedule, I can only accommodate flexible internet courses. Additional I have budget constraints and therefore I’m not looking for very expensive courses. Are free online auto mechanic classes a good option to grow my career?

Carlton Burgess

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1 answer

Melissa Norris on January 30, 2018

Online auto mechanic classes, free or paid are a good way to grow your career. In your case, you may consider free or low costing courses to enhance your expertise.

I have put together a list of the institutions/organizations that offer the most marketable online automotive training programs globally. Here, you can choose from a wide array of courses in your field. Some of these are not cheap but they will give you an edge over your peers in the industry.

● Automotive Engine Rebuilder’s Association.
AERA is one of the earliest associations in the industry. It has registered members all over the world and therefore it has great influence and authority. It offers an online training and certification in Cylinder Heads and Engine Machinist. This is a short program that will take you about one year to complete. The cost is low, as you will only need about $150 to register and acquire course material.

● Society of Automotive Engineers.
SAE offers elaborate training programs covering almost all areas in the automotive industry. They train several technicians annually through educational videos and online seminars. You can earn accreditation in a certain area of specialization through a certification program they offer.

● Inter-Industry Conference on Auto Collision Repair.
I-CAR encourages regular training and enhancing of skills even among professionals in vehicles repairs. They have numerous instructor-led online programs for amateurs as well as experts in collision repairs. These courses are short and affordable.

● Stratford Career Institute.
Stratford offers numerous automotive classes online on various field of automotive study. They award diplomas on completion of their courses. Most courses offer self-learning through online books and videos. However, in some instances this is combined with a tutor/instructor. They may be a bit costly for a low budget.

● Ashworth College.
This is an online institution that trains automotive technicians. Their program elaborately trains in a wide range of aspects in auto mechanics. The program equips you with skills in repair, replacement and maintenance of vehicles.

● Penn Foster Career School.
You can pursue Penn Foster’s auto repair technician certification program which is a course organized by top experts in the field. This course trains you for an Automotive Service Excellence Certification examination.

● Bergwall Vocational School.
This is a low priced option that does not compromise on the quality of training it provides. Bergwall offers numerous mechanic courses on the internet for a monthly or annual payment plan.

Eric Bates2 years ago

These institutions offer credible courses for automotive career development. Since they are the best options for paid courses, I will give a few free online auto mechanic classes that you can consider:

Mechanics and Materials I and II

This acts as a foundation course offered by MIT to potential automotive technicians. It is purely theoretical with lecture materials, diagrams and assignments to help learners understand how mechanic systems work. These materials are free to download on the internet.

Small Engine Repair.

This is a course offered by RepairClinic to teach interested learners how to dismantle, repair and maintain small vehicle engines. These instructions are through videos and cover a wide range of engine problems.

Engine Problems FAQ

Briggs and Stratton offers reading materials to interested learners on topics related to repairing engines. Areas covered range from cleaning carburetors, ignition exchange, identifying issues on a cars’ fuel line and servicing engines.

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