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What are some non examples of biodiversity

Curtis Rhodes

in Chemistry

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1 answer

Jeffrey Rodriguez on December 7, 2018

Here is the answerThere are multiple ways to view the concept of biodiversity.There is diversity at the genetic level within populations, the diversity within the ecosystem among the species that inhabit them, and even the diversity of ecosystems.You can also search in different scales of biodiversity. For example, you may find in a square meter, and the 20 species in it and say that it is a very diverse metro square. But then, if we look at the neighboring square metre and see the same 20 species, you can begin to question how diverse this ecosystem really is. In contrast, you can see in one square meter of other ecosystem and see 15 species, while its neighbor to the square meter has a completely different set of 15 species. That is the ecosystem with the greatest biodiversity? It all depends on the scale you are interested in.

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