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What are some new Halloween food ideas?

Stores are full of Halloween candy. Everyone already know about Halloween cupcakes ideas. I want some Halloween food ideas my co-workers have never seen before.

Rodney Fox

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1 answer

Ralph Lopez on October 18, 2018

Well, yes, Halloween candies are everywhere. I think an unusual idea is a salad tray of finger food arranged to suggest a pumpkin face and/or scarecrow—baby carrots for the pumpkin face, olives for eyes and space inside the grin, slices of peeled cucumber (or radish or jicama) for teeth, and so on. Adults will appreciate several plates of raw vegetable artwork.

Most of the traditional Halloween cupcake recipes are easy to change and make them salty with mashed vegetables, tofu, and cheese, as “frostings” on savory vegetable or meat dishes. The fact that your orange-topped “cakes” are baked potatoes, meatloaves, burgers, or plain bread rolls decorated with carrot or pumpkin puree makes them something new. Kids can help cut vegetables into bat, spider, and broomstick shapes.

For the hostess with the grossest, offers a video-enhanced recipe for making meatloaf look like rats that ooze tomato blood and gooey cheese when cut open: (That site also offers a simple “recipe” for sticking chocolate kisses and cherries together to make chocolate mice)

I’ve also seen pictures of lasagna with the flat lasagna noodles folded and stood on edge in the pan, making the cheese and tomato sauce look a bit like bleeding internal organs. People have at least photographed a pumpkin face with chopped cooked vegetables and/or dip arranged to suggest vomit or a rack of ribs festooned with spaghetti worms.

Other gross-out ideas involve cooking cheap, nutritious organ meats and telling people exactly what they are: brains, livers, hearts, kidneys, or “exotic” and “novelty” items like candy-covered ants.

Bobbing for apples—eating whole apples without using your hands—is a traditional Halloween food idea. Everyone bobbing in and out of one washtub was too gross. Use individual rimmed plates for sanitary fun. 

Craig Stewart8 months ago

An easy Halloween food idea is to buy a lot of wedge-shaped trays to pack with fresh raw veggies. Lots of places sell them. Whether or not you get the kind that fit together into a big round or row, they can be used all year. They can look like Thanksgiving horns, Christmas trees, or Fourth of July rockets as well as Halloween witches’ hats. Different vegetables and fruits can be arranged to form a rainbow. Some people would also prefer wedges full of grapes (especially Halloween “black” grapes) and melon balls (especially orange cantaloupe) rather than candy. You could order “witches’ hats” by mail but they’re probably in a store near you. They’re essential. Some of us can’t eat cupcakes. 

Nicholas Rivera8 months ago

Check out the Halloween food ideas on Pinterest. I agree that the only way to make really unusual Halloween cupcakes is to use meatloaf instead of sweet cake batter and mashed potatoes instead of icing. Think of all the baby boomers who took a Wilton weekend cake decorating course. Now they are retired and can afford to spend the whole month of October decorating cupcakes, and it looks as if that’s what some of them do. But after all, food doesn’t have to be original if it’s delicious. 

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