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What are some motivation examples of employees in the workplace?

I am of the belief that for you to be efficient in anything you do, you have to know the things that motivate you.

I also handle employee related concerns and well-being, which include recruitment, training and remuneration. Therefore, I recently brought a speaker to talk to them about finding motivation in life.

My question is: are there workplace motivation examples that I can use to assess how effective my methods are?

Samantha Stevenson

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1 answer

Jodi Brooks on March 14, 2018

Knowing how to find motivation in life doesn’t mean you will be automatically motivated to perform tasks. You need to commit yourself actively to implementing these measures. So you can give your employees a talk or training on motivation and nothing changes or they actually implement it and perform better.

There are two broad types of motivation:

Intrinsic motivation:  this is where you work hard towards achieving a particular objective for personal satisfaction. This means that no other external influence, just personal obligation and/or satisfaction (intangible).Some examples of intrinsic motivation include longing to be recognized, will to accomplish set individual goals, desire to attain the satisfaction derived from performing a task among others.

Extrinsic motivation: These motivators are from an exterior/external source. It is the expected reward or recognition for the achievement or excellent performance on a task. Extrinsic motivation examples include prize money, promotion, increased salary, non-monetary awards among others.

Some examples of motivation in employees at the work place:

1.Desire to take on more tasks.

Employees who are motivated to work will have the desire to take up more tasks. Whether it is a promise of a reward (promotion/increased pay) or it is for personal goals accomplishment that drives them, they will generate greater output levels.

2. The ability to enjoy work.

You will notice that if your workforce is motivated, their attitude also changes for the better. They will be happy with their work and generally enjoy performing otherwise difficult, monotonous or boring tasks. You will not need to push anyone to do a particular activity.

3. Innovativeness and leadership.

A motivated worker is creative and eager to share their ideas with others. You will see your employees sharing ideas on how to improve certain aspects of the business. They will also not shy away from taking up leadership roles in projects or solving problems.

4. Improved decision making skills.

A motivated person usually makes better decisions in everyday life tasks. This is the same in an organization or business enterprise. You need employees that can make on the spot decisions wisely and confidently.

5. Better quality output.

As a restaurant, you are offering both products and services. Therefore, the food the restaurant prepares will improve. Furthermore, the services the customers receive will be warmer, more concerned and friendlier. You will know when your services improve from motivating things like positive customer comments or increased customer return rate.

Caleb Jenkins2 years ago

I think it is not very easy to measure motivation. You may use motivation examples as given above and not get the correct results. This is because there are many factors that may hinder your assessment. My view is that you can use these examples while putting into consideration a few factors:

Motivation is not a one size fits all solution. Remember that what motivates one person to perform an activity may not motivate another. You need to first assess each of your employees wants and grievances.

Motivation may not be the only reason an employee is not performing optimally. There are underlying issues such as health conditions that affects a person’s job performance. The best way to factor in this is to analyze each worker individually.

Availability of opportunity or proper resources. When one of these lacks, a motivated employ may not be able to show his/her full potential.

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