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What are some interesting things/places to check out during Milwaukee fest this year?

I will be going for the Milwaukee summer fest this year. I have always wanted to attend this mega music festival since I was a teenager but never got the chance to do so. I will be in the city for 10 days or so for the Milwaukee fest and plan to make the most of my time in Milwaukee.

So, I would like to know some great places or activities to explore aside from the Summerfest mke itself. I quite open-minded and would enjoy anything that would interest an average person.

Deborah Edwards

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1 answer

Tara Andrews on June 12, 2018

Well, I have visited Milwaukee during the summer twice now and had a different experience both times. The first time I was only interested in the Milwaukee summer festival and didn’t explore much of the city. The second time, however, I was more confident to do some more sight-seeing. Whether you are looking for popular destinations or lesser known exciting places, I believe you can create a fun sight-seeing itinerary to keep you busy the one and a half week visit. It is one of my favorite destinations I have visited so far.

Without further ado, here is my list of interesting places to visit in Milwaukee:

Take a tour of Milwaukee museums: Apart from the city’s fame for its summer festivals for music lovers, a lesser known but equally entertaining tourist attraction in Milwaukee are the feature museums. If you're traveling with your children, you try the children’s museum. For adults, the Art Museum and the Discovery World Museums are great places to explore. I would, of course, recommend hiring a car to move about unless you don’t live far off, in which case you could just come with your vehicle.

Schlitz Audubon: Are you a lover of nature? If so, visiting this nature center should be at the top of your list as you prepare to attend mke Summerfest. Get away from the music scene a little and go for a nature walk at the Schlitz Audubon Center. One of the best things about this place is that you get to experience a panoramic view of the lake. Enjoy the breeze, walk along the beach or even throw stones in the water. This natural attraction is vast in size and suitable for visitors traveling alone, as a couple or whole family tourists.

Brewery Tour: Make your visit to Milwaukee memorable by taking a brewery tour! The city is famous for its multiple breweries. You can get a tour that is also kids-oriented- beer tasting for adults while kids enjoy locally made sodas. You also get to carry samples with you after the trip.

Safe House restaurant: you will enjoy this restaurant’s great food and pleasant ambiance. This eatery joint is a great place to sample some of the best Milwaukee cuisines. The restaurant is spy-themed and is a fun place to go out with kids for a nice hearty lunch. The establishment also offers a nightclub experience to Milwaukee fest’s visitors. 

Ronald Miller2 years ago

I have visited Safe House and tried their food, and it is definitely worth a try. Well, if you are a foodie, much like me, one of the most important considerations before visiting a destination is, of course, the local cuisine of the area. While attending Milwaukee summer fest two years back, I got to sample some eateries that I would suggest you try.

Frozen custard at Klopp restaurant: a traditional cuisine of Wisconsin, this delicacy is worth a try. You can find it in most restaurants in the city, but Klopp is your best bet.

Milwaukee sausages at Usinger: open since the late 1800s, this store sells the best of the local foods, Milwaukee tasty sausages.

Milwaukee also boasts of some of the best burgers in the whole country. With top-rated restaurants such as AJ Bombers just downtown of the city, you can grab something tasty to eat quickly. 

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