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What are some good books about World War 2 planes?

Jessie Thompson

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1 answer

Jeremy Wood on February 1, 2020

Response . The best books are the official US Army History of ww2, issued by the Center of Military History department. This is a series of 26 books(or more) that detail the u.s. Army's partipication in the 2nd world war. These used to be available through the Office of Printing, but are difficult to find. Check with your local library.. A recent series of books was published by Bill Atkinson . His " An Army at Dawn ", was published a couple of years ago and won a Pulitzer Prize. This is the us Army in North Africa in 1942-43. He has just released the follow-up volume called " The Day of Battle ", which covers the first part of the Italian Campaign.. Almost any book by Carlo d'este is well researched and written. "Fatal Decision" is about Anzio. He has others.. in general I like the Time-Life book series but the ww2 series is not as good as the Civil War series. These are still good resources, as are usually found in your local library.. Oops. Wrong answer.. the 2 nd world war Planes

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