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What are some good books a person that likes fiction should read?

Melissa Norris

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1 answer

Heather Maxwell on October 7, 2018

The twilight saga - all knos what twilights about. a kiss of an angel - elizabeth chandler ( I love this book it is so good! when ivys boyfriend tristen died, ivy thought shed lost everything.even their faith in the angles. but now shes discovered that tristens your gaurdiean angel. your presence I so strong that ivy can feel the touch of his hand. to the beat of his heart. ivy needs tristen now more than ever bcuz he knows ivys in great danger.only ivys guardian angel can save her now that tristens killer is after ivy. but if tristen rescues ivy, his mission on earth to be complete, and he must leave her behind forever. is sving ivy mean losing her forever, only when he's finally reached her again?? buy the book and find out (' -') a kiss from a vampire the series - the raven, never fit with someone in the crowd, and the geeks/nerds bcuz she was the only goth in dullsville... when a mysterious family moves into the "haunted" mansion on the hill of the crow decides to find out if the rumors are true the rumors that sterling are vampires that the law of the vampires. and when she meets the gothic knight of the night Alexander raven falls in love and discovers the truth :) one of the best books that I have read is quite long, but very exciting, I could not stop reading it all day! the host by the author of the twilight

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