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What are some fun things to do without friends because you don't have any?

Justin Parker

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1 answer

Rodney Fox on April 30, 2019

well I think that the books are a great companion when you're alone if u like reading books, then u will not be bored...... why not try painting, stamp collecting , coin collecting .... I hope that works!!!! This person (who responded before me) Has a perfect point.\ 1.Read 2. Play games with the family 3. Paint 4. Draw(hey it doesn't matter if you can't 5. Write a book 6. see something on tv funny or intresting. 7. make a game board and play. 8. do household chores 9. paint your nails/make-up yourself 10. ANYTHING lol Love Rhianisdabomb ps I have received emails to the people. TRUST me I know what iam about pss they even say iam da DOMB haha

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