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What are some fun school activities for a high school classroom?

I am looking for ideas that I can incorporate into my classroom to make my teaching appealing to my students. However, all I am getting online are spirit week ideas. I previously used to teach in a private school until last year when I transferred to a state school.

Things here are entirely different from what I was used to with student disinterest in learning being my being challenge. The only thing most students seem to enjoy is the high school games.

Which fun school activities can help my students change their perspective on learning?

Brandon Scott

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1 answer

Daniel King on June 12, 2018

A new work environment is almost always hard to cope with regardless of your career. For a teacher, you must bring yourself to the same level as your students to understand their needs, struggles, and interests. I will list some fun activities for a school that you could implement in your class. However, some may or may not fit the context of what you need them to learn, and some may not teach them anything other than having fun. It is you to choose the ones that appeal to you most.

Blind-fold conversations:

I have listed this activity as my first suggestions mainly because it is quite ideal for a new classroom. Ask your students to introduce themselves. Each student should say their full names. Next, divide the class into two groups. Call up one student from one of the teams and blindfold them. Now, bring another student forward (must be from the opposing team) and ask them to say something. The student with the blindfold should then make out who the voice belongs to by listening to the conversation. The activity should continue until one team wins.

A sentence race:

This high school game works as a vocabulary practice. Write up different words in pieces of paper and fold them. They can be random words or words related to what you have taught in previous lessons. Put these papers in a jar. Divide the class into two and give one half of the board to each group. A member of the first team should then come in front of the class and pick one paper. Then, they should quickly come up with a sentence with the word they have chosen in it. At the end of the game, the side with the most number of meaningful sentences wins.

Missing cards:

This memory game is especially suitable for practicing concepts you have taught the class. Write different ideas on several cards and divide your class into two teams. Call up a student from one of the teams and briefly show them what is written in five cards. Shuffle the card and remove one randomly. Show the student the remaining cards and they will have to guess what is written on the missing one.

These are not the only ideas to try out; I am sure there is something you can use in your class among the online ideas for spirit week. 

Craig Stewart2 years ago

Right; there are several things you could try to make your class more interesting. Try out different activities depending on the lesson and the mood in class. School activities are fun when they are not overdone. So, I will also give my suggestion for a game that will bring more positive energy to your class:

Jumping line: this game is suitable for playing when you are drawing near to the end of the lesson. Create ample space in the class by moving tables and chairs to one side of the classroom. Make a line and write the word ‘right’ on one side and ‘wrong’ on the other. Ask the class to stand on the line. Give a statement based on the concepts you have taught and ask each student to choose one side based on what they believe about the statement. If wrong, the student is out of the game. The last student left standing wins. 

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