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What are some exciting team building activities for teachers?

I am looking for ideas on fantastic team building activities for teachers. My school recently received new additions to the workforce in the form of teachers. Being a rookie is quite challenging, but this can always be mitigated by some good team building games and activities. At least, this is what I think because many other school managers I have come across have told me so.

So, can someone offer me advice on the best activities for team building? I will appreciate any suggestions for team games, activities, and so forth.

Amanda Johnson

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1 answer

Kathy Robinson on June 12, 2018

Activities for team building for teachers will be invaluable. They help make teachers feel more at home in their new workstations. Moreover, they assist the individual teachers to come out of their cocoons. It is not uncommon for humans to hold back a bit when in a new environment or the presence of unfamiliar faces. Thus, participating in fun activities with them will help make them comfortable and ready to take on various tasks in the school.

Team building endeavors that involve management will help bridge the hierarchy gap in the workplace. These activities provide an avenue for new teachers to interact with seasoned teachers in the school as well as the school management in a fun setting. Therefore, they get to break the tension barrier associated with differences in experience and job positions.

Below are some fantastic team building ideas:

  • Retreats

Organize a trip with your new teachers. Tag along ‘older’ teachers and relevant staff in administrative positions. During the retreat, allocate sufficient time to educate the teachers on the educational expectations of your school.

Moreover, allow them to provide suggestions and listen to them. You can discuss pertinent issues and arrive at proper conclusions for everyone. In turn, this will make the teachers feel appreciated and motivated to take on their duties.

  • Regular Potlucks

A potluck is a ‘delicious’ activity that entails socializing over a food feast. Organize this event within an acceptable timeline. I recommend you carry it out on a monthly basis. Allow the new teachers to pick the foods for the event.

  • Games

A team game such as soccer will go a long way in helping teachers interact. It will strip down the masks people wear at work and also the fear of each other. Moreover, it fosters teamwork and cooperation among the staff since they will have to work as a single unit to better their opponents in the game.

However, soccer is not the only team building game you can play. Many other games foster cooperation and interaction such as athletics, basketball, and so forth.

  • Participate In New Activities

Get the new teachers to vote on a new action to determine the one to undertake. These can include some less common endeavors such as kayaking, skydiving, zip lining, to name a few. Therefore, make sure that appropriate arrangements are made before the events to ensure their success.

Good luck! 

Craig Stewart2 years ago

These are some excellent suggestions for team building activities for teachers. I am not aware of some of them, but I can assure you that I have heard good things about all these activities. Nonetheless, I want to give you one more interesting idea of a team building activity. Here it is:

  • Interesting Facts

This game will help make new teachers quite open and comfortable with each other. Moreover, it will make them know each other better. The game is played like so. Get the new teachers in a room. Ask them to write one interesting thing each about themselves on a piece of paper. Nonetheless, this fact should not be something that anyone else in the room knows. Collect all the notes, and mix them up in a basket.

Ask the teachers to pick the papers and read what is contained. They should use that information to determine whom it describes. 

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