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What are some examples of English exercises to help me speak more fluently?

I am quite good at English, but I do not speak it a lot. In light of this, I am considering taking some English exercises to help me speak more fluently. I find it difficult to make presentations at work as I take time to form words in my head and whenever I do, my presentations are slow and boring. Is there anyone with suggestions on English exercises online? I would also like information on a free English grammar practice test with answers.

Kristi Hammond

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1 answer

Kaitlin Dean on March 14, 2018

You can polish up your English language speaking skills in numerous ways. One of the best ways is through practice. An English exercise will help you:

  • Speak English quicker and more fluently.
  • Adopt new words and phrases appropriate for real-life conversations.
  • Refresh your memory on words you might have forgotten.
  • Become more confident in your presentations at work.

There is no right or wrong language exercise. Just identify websites that have exercises that help overcome your weaknesses. Here are some places you can find online English exercises:

English Grammar

This site is the most popular place you can learn or polish up your English on the Internet. It has lessons that you can download, instructional videos, grammar rules, and exercises or quizzes for concepts you learn. Furthermore, you can ask questions where you encounter any difficulties.

English Grammar Secrets

This website is a very good English resource. It offers English lessons or reading materials on various topics on tenses including present simple, present continuous, past simple, past continuous among others. The most attractive about this website is that it offers plenty of examples and practice exercises after each topic to test yourself.

The British Council

The British Council website offers plenty of resources on the English language. Their aim is to help international students practice their English. They provide a guideline to help you prepare for English proficiency tests required by UK universities. It includes how to polish up your listening, reading and writing skills. You can try their vocabulary exercises as well as English grammar practice tests with answers free on their website.

English Online

This website, based in the United Kingdom, offers free English courses for learners at all levels. These include advanced, intermediate and elementary learners. There are videos to help you pronounce words better and speak more fluently in general. Additional services include exam practice exercises, word games and tests for different areas.

Talk English

This site mainly focuses on enhancing English-speaking skills. The main reason I have mentioned it in this list is that you want help in speaking English more fluently. It offers lessons in English listening and speaking in the view that these skills ultimately help you speak better. You can learn how to speak English in different environments including work, travel or social places. You can also learn different phrases and idioms to add to your existing vocabulary.

Jordan Sotoa year ago

I think there are better ways to improve your English speaking skills on your own without these online English exercises. Some useful tips you can use to become better at your presentations:

Learn intonation for common words and phrases: intonation expresses the feeling or emotion of the speaker through their words. When you know how to regulate your voice for different English words, you will be able to speak better and pass your message across.

Learn to paraphrase: this is saying the same thing in different words. You can practice by constructing several sentences, say them out loud and then try to say each differently.

Find a native English speaker and try imitating how they speak: I would recommend an actor or actress. Listen to their word pronunciation, record yourself imitating them and compare until you get it right.

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