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What are some disadvantages of being gay?

Samantha Barber

in Higher Education

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1 answer

Jeremy Wood on March 6, 2018

There are many disadvantages, and varies in function of the society: . People call you homosexual instead of gay . You don't have equality in most places . Most Christians "love" you, but vote against your rights . The muslims want to kill you . People judge you and hate you without even meeting you . People mistakenly believe that they are sick or defective . Are sometimes rejected by the family, in spite of these disadvantages, many gay people are able to make wonderful lives for themselves, by surrounding themselves with good, loving people. There are so many disadvantages, that it is a miracle that anyone believes that being gay is a choice. There are many: . Be the victim of prejudice and ignorance, even of their own family . Depending on where you live, being identified as a homosexual can get you legally killed . You are also in danger from "buy" to all those misconceptions about homosexuals and feeling bad about yourself . Many states of the united states do not give gay people equal rights . 28 states allow it to be fired for being gay . If you are legally authorized to adopt, wait and have the last election . people hate you before even meeting you . The christians "I love you" but vote against your rights in all elections . Some Christians practice the dangerous pseudo-science of conversion therapy . The muslims want to kill you

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