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What are some dating tips?

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1 answer

Craig Stewart on October 20, 2019

MAKEUP: first cleanse your face with a washcloth, facial, wait for your face to dry, shape your eyebrows, apply a good moisturizer to keep your face soft, wait for the moisturiser tdry or curl your lashes, apply a good coat of massacre, then use 5 drops of foundation similar to your skin tone (dab it with your finger) onto your cheeks, under the eyes 3 touches in the front, one in the nose and one on your chin put excess foundation on the back of your hand and rub all the foundation. wait for it to dry, then put a brown eyeshadow on lightly, and with a pencil of brown eyes only between the ends of your eye where the cases of eyelashes meet to apply a little flick or line between them then find a strong red lipstick and DAB in until you get the color you want on both lips then press your lips together to evenly color then add a little balm to ease the slide of them together. HAIR, if you have pale skin curl or make your hair wavy if you have dark tanned skin straighten your hair. if you have yellow/olive skin flick your hair upside-down and backwards. CLOTHING (casual) wear a fitted top that brings out your eyes and skinny jeans that fit your thighs, dark heels with tights and a fitted kitchen hand that close to the height of the hips (Formal evening wear) same makeup and hair but wear a fitted dress that brings out your boobs, (if you do not feel comfortable showing your legs then wear skin coloured tights), wear a small but pretty necklace, a nice bracelet and nice heels that don't cover the ankles. you also get a handbag that matches your dress and carry the lipstick, phone, money and keys. I hope this helped!

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