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What are popular and easy dishes for Thanksgiving?

This year will be my first one away from home. However, I have decided that I will celebrate Thanksgiving with college friends that I have already invited over. I need to choose some nice Thanksgiving appetizers and Thanksgiving recipes that are easy to follow. I would like to make simple dishes preferably.

Theresa Perry

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1 answer

Jodi Brooks on November 7, 2018

It is very nice that in spite of being away from home you have decided to maintain the tradition of celebrating this holiday. It is indeed possible to do it, following the example of the Pilgrims who established this tradition. The variety of foods that they had in those times was not as large as nowadays. Yet they celebrated for three days in a row because what truly mattered for them was to be together and give thanks for the harvest.

Even if your Thanksgiving celebration will not have very sophisticated meals, it can definitely have an assorted menu of simple dishes. Some easy side dishes, and also very typical of this holiday, are mashed potatoes and cranberry sauce. Their ingredients are easy to find and they are easy to make. Other alternatives are baked sweet potatoes, corn, creamed corn, and green beans. Do not forget to prepare the corresponding gravy and dressing for each dish (you can get more ideas for side dishes at
You will be glad to know that most recipes for appetizers for Thanksgiving are usually very easy.

They include deviled eggs, crab cakes, cheese balls, savory tarts, stuffed mushrooms, olives, spinach dips, and their dressing if you want (you can find the recipes for those appetizers and many others that are likewise easy to prepare at

Now that you have easy recipes for appetizers and side dishes to celebrate this holiday, it is time to think about the main dish. It is the most popular one, but unfortunately, it is not easy to prepare. It is not a simple dish to make at all and it takes many hours to bake it. Yet it is almost impossible to imagine this holiday without a stuffed turkey. Although it is one of the most difficult recipes of Thanksgiving, you can find a way to prepare it.

If your friends like to cook, tell them to help you prepare the turkey. If they are many, you can distribute the tasks to prepare the stuffing, and then take turns to check whether the stuffed turkey is done.

Kurt Pricea year ago

I always go to visit my parents and my grandparents by the end of November. And I am very lucky because I always eat homemade food when I am with them. I have colleagues at work that prefer to buy frozen food for this holiday. I have tasted it and it is really lousy. Thankfully, my grandma has a secret recipe to cook the best turkey in the universe. Well, it is not secret anymore, because she gave it to my mother. However, if I could, I would be willing to taste new recipes of Thanksgiving dishes. I have no doubt that they can be as good as the usual dishes that we eat at this time of the year because every grandma says that the secret ingredient of a great dish is love, and if the dish that you prepare contains it, then you will have a marvelous dinner. 

Larry Warrena year ago

I like to eat Thanksgiving food, but this holiday can be nice even without any special dish. Everything is fine if all the members of the family are together. Anything else does not matter. I will be very happy if there are Thanksgiving appetizers, of course. But if we only have pizza to eat, everything will be fine too, as long as we are together. In my opinion, changing the regular menu for this day can be something good and more original. I do not have a problem with that. 

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