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What are plants with adventitious roots?

Kathy Robinson

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1 answer

Jeffrey Rodriguez on January 12, 2019

The air plants like orchids and bromeliads have adventitious roots. The strangler fig tree has a root. . As a general description, adventitious roots are usually shallow, fibrous and matte in nature (as opposed to a tap root system) and are normally characteristic of monocotyledonous plants. . This is, however, a generalization like other plants they also use this type of system in that it is an advantage to ensure their survival, like many species of cacti, that even though they are dicotyledonous, use and adventitious root system. . Adventitious roots are those that can be formed from any point of the plant, this includes the stems and branches (such as in the case of some species of Ficus). Adventitious roots may also be formed from calloused areas of a plant, such as tissue culture of plants, where the roots develop directly from the area of the corn.. Many Orchids and Bromeliads have epilepsy or aerial root systems..

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