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What are personality test questions?

Recently as I went about my usual job hunting, I came across personality test questions. A company that had invited me for an interview also pointed out that I had to undertake this test. I was told that I will have to undertake a personality job test in a week so as to be considered for the job. Additionally, I am to be subjected to interest testing. I honestly have no clue what these are. I really need some valuable insight into these topics. Finally, please provide information on a printable personality test. Help me.

Curtis Rhodes

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1 answer

Victoria Fowler on January 30, 2018

A personality test question is a question that is administered to an individual with the intention of finding out their personality based on the five major aspects of human personality. The five major aspects are:

  • Extroversion (E): This refers to a personality quality of trying to find contentment from things coming from the exterior of an individual or outside the individual’s community. Those who attain high scores hers are sociable people while those who get low scores are introverted and prefer to handle tasks on their own.
  • Agreeableness (A): Indicates a person’s flexibility on modifying their character to complement other people. Likable and civil/polite people score highly here. On the other hand, people who tend to be aloof/ cold get low scores.
  • Conscientiousness (C): Is the trait of being forthright/ straight and industrious. People who score high here are usually obedient and have clean residences. Those who get low scores are often dirty and deceitful.
  • Neuroticism (N): This is the personality attribute of being deeply in touch with one’s emotion.
  • Openness to Experience (O): Refers to the personality characteristic of always trying to achieve new knowledge and intelligence. Those who score highly tend to be dreamers while low scorers are often rational/logical.

Personality job tests are tests administered to people with the aim of finding out the suitability of their personalities and tastes to various careers. It has been noted that people with various personalities and traits always get into certain  careers when compared to other personality traits.

Interests testing refers to tests that are conducted on people with the aim of explaining a person’s interests and in identifying their likes. These tests are invaluable when it comes to giving information that will help you in a choice of career.

Most of interest tests work by giving you a choice on two activities at any particular time. You make a choice based on what is appropriate for you. The answers you provide will provide a report on your compelling interests. This report is used to determine whether you are suited for the job or not.

Keep in mind that your interests do not necessarily meet your capabilities. For instance, you may be passionate about writing yet you are not very skilled at it.

Printable personality tests are personality tests that can be printed on paper. They can either be results of a test or the test to be taken.

Eric Bates2 years ago

This answer is very informative. I would love to add information on the advantages of and disadvantages of personality job tests.

● They help in reducing the number of applicants. This is vital when there are many applicants with similar qualifications. Additionally, they enable the employers to get more information on the attributes of the respondents
● They ensure that questions asked to prospective employees aid in identifying their attitude.
● Allows for the employee to provide information on them which would have been missed by sending a CV. This is because this test provides a deeper understanding of an interviewee.
● These tests are important when it comes to determining the interpersonal attributes of individuals. 


● These tests might take long. This can demotivate prospective employees.
● Applicants can provide answers that will generally be accepted by the employer. This therefore makes them not suitable for the screening process.
● Limits diversification of workforce by selecting people of same characteristics

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