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What are personal growth quotes? And how are they effective in an individual’s life?

There are millions of personal growth quotes and I have always wondered what the purpose of such quotes is. First of all, I need to know what they mean and how can they transform an individual’s life. I need to know how these quotes can help facilitate self growth. I recently attended an interview for a human resource position and one of the panelists asked me, “In less than sixty seconds briefly describe five ways on how to improve life?” Unfortunately, I was not able to come up with five things within the one minute provided. And now I embarked on building my own blog. I need information on the different ways to better yourself. Please, briefly describe how this is connected to self-development quotes.

Whitney Matthews

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1 answer

Zach Chandler on January 16, 2018

A personal growth quote is a saying or a statement which you use as a motivation to achieve something. As for me, I love coining my own motivational phrases mainly from great sayings of great people. My personal quotes are meant to remind me of the far I have come from, the challenges I have, the number of times I have fallen, the people whose lives I changed, the people I have I hurt, the things I still need to do etc. Its a phrase that I always sing when I’m happy and I meditate upon when I’m concerned.

To most people, the growth of self quotes carry their grand plans, grand visions and even their deepest inspiration. The quotes are often short statements that touch on business, finance, relationship, health, beauty, fitness and architecture. They usually depend on an individual’s specialty. If you encounter difficulties creating your own quote you can adopt one from a person you look up to and which relates to what you do, think or feel.

I see you considered working on your blog after you floundered during the interview and I applaud your move. That’s a great way to better yourself and you should also try and attend more interviews despite the previous misfortune. There is a lot of information that you can write on your blog. Such information may include the definitions I have cited above, theories underlying the concepts of personal growth, effects of self motivational quotes on an individual, how quotes may influence an individual’s personality and sample of motivational quotes. To engage your readers more, you may try sharing your own stories that may touch on your successes or failures. Furthermore, think of prominent people in our society who have achieved a lot and include their stories in your blog. Also, do not forget to remind people to share your stories on social media and to sign up for newsletters from you.

Next time you should consider revising or asking questions before you go for an interview. There are so many ways how to improve lives and for your case, the question was so open ended. Here are a few points that would have helped you:

  • Making education available and affordable to every child
  • Increasing the minimum wage per hour
  • Eating healthy food
  • Affordable maternity
  • Physical exercise
  • Meditations
  • Learning new skills
  • Quitting bad habit such as excessive drinking and smoking

Charles McAleara year ago

I agree with what has been said in the above answer. First of all, your interviewer was very fair to ask you to state ways of improving lives. It was the most open question I have ever seen and next time you should try and prepare adequately, both by reading and doing some psychological warm up for anything that may be asked during the interview. The internet is full of famous quotations that will greatly motivate both you and your readers. Try to select the ones that are short and can easily be memorized. Your personal growth should inspire your readers and as such it should touch on life realities.

On your blogs, consider asking people to rate your article so that you yourself can evaluate how well the content of your text touches your readers. Lastly remember quotes carry the most powerful information. They have been used since the days of Isaac Newton, Winston Churchill to the times of Barrack Obama. Just remember that a great and inspiring quote can turn the life of the homeless man down the street for good.

Kurt Pricea year ago

I agree that personal growth quotes serve as a motivation; I have read them for years and they have greatly impacted my life. A few years back I was going through a rough patch and I was losing grip of my life. A close friend helped me find myself; I identified my strengths and capitalized on them. She sent me these quotes everyday and they were effective. Every day when I read them I was ready to take on the world. They were a source of drive and affirmation that I could succeed in whatever I set my mind to achieve. They influenced my journey of self realization to identify what works and what does not for me. Self realization will help you find ways to better yourself and grow as a person.

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